• Celtic Music - Síocháin Shuthain

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    This song is something very special for me, because I wrote it for a few amazing people personally, as a gift. So…
    In about October a guy named Chris wrote me, with a very personal letter. I am so ashamed to say that I nearly lost the email in the long list of unread emails, but he sent me reminders thankfully.^^ He said that he and his brother Geoff are huge fans of my music and he had a story to share which he hoped I might appreciate knowing about (which I certainly did!). Although he never asked me to make a song, and I also never did that for anyone except Carina, after reading what he wrote and seeing the photos he also shared with me, I just felt that I want to give this family something from the heart. To the brothers and to their mum.
    The two brothers, Chris and Geoff, lost their mum to brain cancer in May this year, after a long battle in which both have cared and fought for her with such dedication that it just moved me so much. He wrote a lot of details about these painful months but I sadly can’t recite everything here because there is a text limit. The final part of his letter I want to show however, because this just moved me to tears, and I knew after reading this that I want to make them a gift:
    “Then a week later, May 27th, was the last day my mom spent on this Earth. This day was the longest, most difficult day I'll ever have to endure.
    My brother, my mom and me were together in her room for over 12 hours as she endured chain-stoke breathing. With the breathing and the oxygen machine on, it wasn't the most pleasant of atmospheres to say the least. I brought my laptop upstairs and YouTub'ed Celtic music (her favourite). We came across your 2 hour Celtic playlist and looped it over 5x. At 8:28pm EST my mom took her last gasp of air and my brother and I held both her hands and were hugging her while telling her it was ok to let go and we'll behave and see her soon and to take care of Ritchie for us (we lost our older brother to drugs 15 years ago). She let go and it was over, just 5 months after Christmas.
    My brother and I now live in her house, and we're getting by. We went through a big mourning period, and it's still tough and there's not a day that goes by without me wanting to see/talk to her. But I guess everyday it gets easier, but it's not that linear. Not by a long shot.
    On nights when we drink in mom's kitchen we always seem to play your music and we cry like two big babies. But it's your music which reaches into our souls and takes to that place where we feel comfortable, and for that we both thank you. Your music will FOREVER be in our hearts, and kindly know that two of your fans helped ease the pain of a life-death experience in the best way any human on this Earth could have done.
    On that day, you filled the room with magic, wonderment and love. Again, thank you so very much. I bet my mom would even thank you if she could!”

    Chris originally asked if I can maybe give him an autograph to give to Geoff as Christmas surprise, but I decided to make a whole song instead, and for all of them.^^ But since this all started because Chris wanted to surprise Geoff for Christmas: Merry Christmas Geoff, I hope you like the song! =)
    And thank you so much again Chris, for writing me, and for sharing this extremely important story. Knowing about this, about you guys, and your amazing mum, means so much to me. Merry Christmas to you! =)
    AND of course Merry Christmas, Yule or simply a merry time to all of you, I hope you all have a wonderful night/day wherever you are, and hope that you’re happy and in good health. =)
    (The song title is Irish Gaelic by the way and is translated into “lasting peace”.)

    All music composed and arranged on keyboard, by myself as always.

    The artwork was created by this great artist:
    © All audio material is copyrighted by Adrian von Ziegler. Show less
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