• How To Do XML to CSV Conversion In Less Than 10 Minutes

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    You can use Adeptia Connect to perform XML to CSV conversion with your Box or Dropbox account in less than 10 minutes. XML to CSV conversion is frequently used to change data from one format into another - for example, data may exist in one database in XML format, but need to go into another one in CSV format. XML to CSV conversion is used to transform the data from XML to CSV, and it is often a critical part of the data integration process. Most Extract-Transform-Load (or ETL) tools operate within the 4 walls of a company - in other words, they are taking XML data in a database they own and transforming it into CSV so that it can be loaded into another database they own. But what happens if this needs to be intercompany? What happens if the XML to CSV conversion has to take place between two trading partners, for example? Company 1 has to send data to Company 2, who only accepts it in CSV format. Company 1 has to know what Company 2's data fields and formats are in order to automate the exchange of data with Company 2.

    With Adeptia Connect, data can be send between companies either as a pass-through or re-mapped into the receiving company's format. The powerful data mapping tool allows you to specify the data's format to the receiver, as well as map Company 1's fields to Company 2's fields. Once set up, the connection can stay up forever, allowing Company 1 and Company 2 to exchange data smoothly and automatically. No more one-off XML to CSV conversions each and every time Company 1 and 2 need to exchange the information required to transact business.

    XML to CSV conversion is just one of the kinds of data transformations that Adeptia Connect can support. Adeptia Connect can do any-to-any data transformations and support networks of companies who need to exchange information, such as trading partner networks. With its incredibly easy-to-use interface, even non-technical users can use Adeptia Connect to perform XML to CSV conversion, freeing IT to pursue higher-priority tasks.

    This video is only longer than 10 minutes because we're explaining how to do it! Learn more about Adeptia Connect at: https://www.adeptia.com/ Show less
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