• [GMOD] The Last Wave

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    It's been about a year since I've made a Gmod machinima due to me being very very busy with stuff outside the internet world. While I was at San Jose Job Corps, I've been working my ass off on getting through my vocational trade and getting my High School Diploma and getting enough money to buy rigs for my PC. I finished the Job Corps program on March 16, 2012 and I was focusing on getting my computer built. Got my PC built on April 13, 2012 and sold my other PC to a good friend of mine (who started Job Corps with me) and right now I'm saving 3 games for him when he gets a Steam account. Now I am back to making videos and I'll do the best I can to be more active on Youtube and other social sites.

    This Gmod machinima is based on the true events I've been through in Mann Up mode. I was playing as Spy during Mann Up mode and since I'm pretty good at Spy I've helped out a lot of other players and my friends through the missions. Been getting some loot and botkiller weapons. It's pretty fun to do, but it can be unfun when you keep getting the same botkiller weapon every time you complete a tour. First time I completed my tour I got a botkiller sniper rifle (1st tour scene Spy gets a botkiller scatter gun cuz Sniper wasn't in 1st tour) and I traded it for a botkiller knife. I was happy, until I kept getting botkiller knives every fucking tour I complete. I've gotten 4 botkiller knives in a row and I just gave up tryin to get a different botkiller weapon or a gold botkiller knife. How will the Spy react to this if he kept getting the same botkiller weapon on every tour he completes? You shall find out once you watch this machinima.

    I want to thank RushFreak for helping me start out with the video of the 1st tour scene, Dr. Face for his support on the machinima, Magenta for making the botkiller knife into a prop (bonemerger hates botkiller melee weapons), and all of you guys for supporting my Gmod videos for the past 3 years. I really had fun making these gmod videos. :D

    A big shout out to "The Man of Brisk" for trading me his Gold Botkiller Knife. Here is his Youtube channel.
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    Here is my playlist of gmod videos I made for over 4 years. By watching the entire playlist you'll see how my videos improved over time. From Scout is Delicious, the video that made tf2 gmod content into something; to the Last Wave, where quality and effort matters.

    If you have time, why not go on a nostalgia trip from 2008 gmod to 2012 gmod to see gmod videos have changed a lot. How better could it get now? We shall find out. ;)
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      why did i make this...well this is for kobold
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      J16FOX wanted me to credit him for finding the spy banana(vanana) sound :D
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