• Illegal alien rapist caught with pants down by American hero

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    Another illegal alien rapist was at work with his and his victim's pants down in an ally when an American good guy (Trevor Logan) saved the woman from being violated! Too bad our corrupt politicians in DC are letting illegals in to rape and kill across America each day!

    Fight back against illegal alien criminals with www.ALIPAC.us

    Good Samaritan stops downtown rape

    Witness says he couldn't walk away from attempted rape

    The man who saved a woman from a would be rapist speaks out.

    Marvin Castellanos Rivera, 26, is behind bars after police tracked him down at a downtown bar. A quick thinking man stepped in to help.

    "All of a sudden I saw a guy have a girl kind of in a head lock. And I thought maybe for a second, maybe they were just playing around or something, but I faintly heard her say no please, no," said Trevor Logan.

    Police say Castellanos pinned a lady against a brick wall in downtown Springfield, then dragged her into an alley near College and Market streets, just west of Hollywood Theaters.

    "I slowly walked in the alley and slowly went around the corner because he had her pinned against this trash can fence area and I noticed there were a lot of inappropriate things going on... and she noticed me. The smart thing about what she did was when she noticed me, she stared at me, which alerted him-- somebody is behind me, so he then turned to me and I looked at him, and looked at her and she in a mute manner said help me, please, help me. Then I asked the dude, what are you doing man? Then I stepped toward him and he just took off," Logan explained.

    Logan was able to give police a good description of Castellanos.
    They later arrested him at a downtown bar.

    Police say Castellanos denied what happened and told police-- he just doesn't want to be deported from the United States.

    Five rapes have been reported to police from June 1 through today-- just in downtown Springfield.

    Copy of this report and video at..
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    ALIPAC's Videos to help Americans understand the threats posed by Illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, and Amnesty for illegals. Join the fight to save American lives and jobs by Subscribing here on youtube and joining our email alerts at http://www.alipac.us
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    As a continuing effort for ALIPAC to restore our YouTube account that was hacked and destroyed by illegal alien supporters within the Google corporation, we are releasing three important videos again today.

    Please take the time to watch them, vote them thumbs up, comment on them, favorite them, and share them with others using email and social media. Remember that these are videos the supporters of illegal immigration and amnesty do not want you or other Americans to see!

    Please give special attention to the violent illegal alien mob captured in these videos because if ALIPAC's quest to stop and reverse illegal immigration or to stop amnesty should fail, it is mobs like these that will eventually envelop and ruin your lives and those of your children and grandchildren.

    In 2005, ALIPAC helped an activist group called Save Our State and their leader Joe Turner promote a protest of racist and divisive language on a taxpayer funded monument in Baldwin Park, CA. ALIPAC was instrumental in generating a large police response to safely extract Save Our State activists from Baldwin Park once they were surrounded by the violent mob.

    The monument was crafted by an illegal immigration supporting "artist" named Judy Baca.

    The monument, part of the Metrolink, remains today with racist language claiming that the area was better before white Europeans came and that the land will belong to Mexico again in the future.

    This monument is part of of the large amount of evidence proving that there is an active and growing illegal alien fueled separatist movement in the United States being promoted by groups like MEChA and the Brown Berets. Many Americans call this documented separatist movement Reconquista or the Aztlan Separatist Movement. Anti-American groups like the ADL and SPLC will lie and claim that this separatist movement does not exist and is only a fantasy created by "racist" Americans.

    The illegal alien mob that showed up to defend their racist separatist monument included radical Islamists, Socialists, Communists, members of MEChA, the Brown Berets, and other seditious groups.

    We salute all of the brave Americans who put themselves at risk to give Americans like you a glimpse of the true nature of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants and what you will face in the future should illegal immigration continue!
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