• Saving Lives Through Education is our passion and profession.

    Attack Countermeasures Training Prepares Realtors for the Wo - Duration: 2 minutes, 37 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    The number of assaults against real estate professionals is on the rise, with the nature of attacks becoming more violent and sometime deadly. Realtors across the country have been attacked on the ...
  • Mass Shooting Expert Explains Exceptionalism on Full Frontal - Duration: 101 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    As absurd as it may sound to some, Mass Shooting and Terrorism are complex challenges that are not going away anytime soon. There are no quick fix solutions. Self-reliance and individual preparedne...
  • Alon Stivi ACTCERT School Shooting Survival - Duration: 5 minutes, 24 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Students have less then 5 minutes to react to active shooter on campus... do they have the necessary training to stay alive?

    Learn how to survive school shootings and prevent violence. Online lear...
  • Medical personnel everywhere are dedicated to the wellbeing of others and provide healthcare to anyone.

    But who cares for THEIR wellbeing?

    A practical solution is now available to address violence against healthcare provider.

    ACTCERT Healthcare Security & Violence Survival JUNE2015 - Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Targeted violence against healthcare providers are increasing.

    Some patients have emotional and psychiatric issues in addition to their physical maladies and are prone to act out their frustratio...
  • ACT CERT NBC News 10 Students Staff Learn How to Fight Against Active Shooters - Duration: 107 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    Survival options taught by Alon Stivi are practical, common sense approaches that can be learned by anyone. This training is a paradigm shift in the way we think and respond to school violence. Any...
  • ACTCERT CBS News 5 2013 - Duration: 3 minutes, 24 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    What is your New Year Resolution? Off course we all want to be happier and healthier, but how about being... safer!

    The increase of violence in society and schools in particular has become a growi...
    • CC
  • The latest update and news coverage on ACT Cert™ - Active Shooter and Terrorism Survival Training.

    ACT CERT NBC 11 News GJT CO 2013 - Duration: 3 minutes, 1 second.

    • 6 years ago
    Active Shooter and Terrorism attacks at a school are every parent's worse nightmare. Much more can be done to make campuses safer and prevent violence. The ACT Cert™ program help schools and univer...
  • ACT Cert Alon Stivi - KCJT News 8 - Active Shooter Survival - Duration: 68 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    School Safety and Campus Security is a Bottom Up Challenge and a communal responsibility. Pre-Incident training can save lives. Progressive educational institutions become better prepared by offeri...
  • Active Shooter Survival - Fighting Mindset - by Alon Stivi - Duration: 81 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    Alon Stivi - Active Shooter Survival - Fighting Mindset - Life Is Beautiful!
  • Active Shooter Survival - Time to ACT NOW! - Duration: 93 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    How many more innocent lives will be lost before we ask the most important question?!
    Being informed is being prepared.
    Do not become another victim.
    Learn to save lives.
  • Last Resort ACTIVE SHOOTER SURVIVAL Measures by Alon Stivi - Duration: 8 minutes, 36 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    https://www.actcert.com - Take Online Training Now!
    Instructional DVD is now AVAILABLE at: https://www.actcert.com/information/DVDInfo.aspx

    BIO OF INSTRUCTOR: https://www.actcert.com/about.aspx
  • ACT Cert Course for Schools (K1-University) by Alon Stivi - Duration: 4 minutes, 31 seconds.

    • 9 years ago
    https://www.actcert.com - FREE TRAINING- ACT Cert

    The new national school security standard and the most comprehensive online school security certification program in the world.

    Prevention a...
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