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    In the 1960's ibogaine was found to eliminate withdrawal symptoms from those suffering opiate dependency. Ibogaine is the only viable alternative to 'cold turkey' detoxes, which rarely result in long lasting abstinence.
    Ibogaine occurs naturally in a plant called Iboga. It is the psychoactive, addiction interrupting component of this plant and is derived by a simple extraction process or semi-synthesis. Although Ibogaine has existed for almost a century in the western world, it's use as a highly effective drug detoxification method has only recently started gaining the momentum it deserves. Within the past twenty years, thousands of people suffering from out of control substance use have seen remarkable results using Ibogaine. With opiate dependency, Ibogaine somehow has a bonafide mechanism within it that provides a withdrawal free detox. Ibogaine has also shown great promise in treating alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other substance abuse, as many experience NO DESIRE TO USE for some time after their Ibogaine treatment.
    In addition to interrupting substance abuse, Ibogaine is also known for inducing a deep meditative state that can include visions, dream-like states, a feeling of deep physical therapy, strong connections and/or communication with the earth or a higher intelligence, etc. This can often provide us with deep, personal insights (very personal) that reconnect us to ourselves and to our world in such a jarring fashion that many report a noticeable, long lasting shift in their state of being.
    Ibogaine treatment is an accelerated detox process. A participant will go from being fully dependent on opiates on day one to being free of opiates by day three without withdrawal and usually without desire to use.
    The whole process takes only days. Although we are aware of how outlandish this may sound to someone who is just learning about Ibogaine, this is but one of a few gifts Ibogaine has to offer us in our struggles. At the same time, Ibogaine is only the first step in your recovery process or personal development and you must be aware of the effort it will take to continue on your path after your treatment. You will still have many of the same problems, but the way in which you approach them and go about in the world can be clearer and more productive.

    Ibogaine treatments give drug users a head start in recovery. Oka Center provides ibogaine treatments in beautiful Costa Rica.
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