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    Never buy processed food again!
    Take our Cooking Classes!

    Millions want to eat healthy
    but don’t know how!

    FOOD for WELL-BEING Cookbook
    Seven Ethnic Cuisines
    One for each day of the week!

    The Heart Association recommends a diet centered
    around whole foods that spring from the ground.

    This same diet not only prevents heart disease,
    but cancer, diabetes and countless other diet-related diseases.

    Our food packets make healthy eating
    fun, quick, easy and happy!
    We package ethnic spice packets with
    rice or beans to make cooking from scratch easier.

    Start with our FREE ebook overview!

    Our cookbook, classes and food products will assist you on your journey towards a healthier diet. Our specialty is cooking dinner with rice and beans for side dishes to make meals with complete plant protein.



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    Food for Well-Being: Vegan Side Dishes - Plan for the Week
    Our vegan dinner recipes are based around side dishes of protein from rice and beans, nuts and whole grains. These side dishes provide a step by step plan for reducing meat intake without sacrificing protein. With Vegan Side Dishes the meat-eater and the vegan can eat the same side dishes and enjoy the same menu. Meat is not "necessary" because protein is provided by the side dishes.
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  • Garden Fresh Play all

    Want your Healthy Weight? - Exercise in the Garden!
    If your first goal is to lose weight, eat “raw” until you reach a healthy weight. Many people have chosen a raw lifestyle permanently. It starts with cleaning out the refrigerator of all the processed foods to make room for the containers for your own salad bar. This raw foods salad bar can easily be brought back and forth between your refrigerator and your dinner table.

    Take the 30-day challenge to eat raw for dinner for 30 days. You will find your weight loss goals are much more obtainable when you fill your cells with the goodness of nature instead of a heavy meal just before bedtime. You might even try the 10-day juice fast challenge to cleanse your digestive system and eliminate toxins from the cells your body.
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  • Whole Grain Breads Play all

    Whole Grain Breads
    Bread is a large part of our calorie intake even though we Americans try to avoid “carbs.” When you make your bread from whole grains instead of white flour you increase the food value by 150 times. Favorites like pizza, subs and hamburgers center around a high-carb, low nutrition, white flour crust or bun devoid of nutritional value. The calories are empty and actually cause more harm than good.

    In our cookbook, FOOD FOR WELL-BEING, we re-make these three favorites, pizza, subs and hamburgers, with our won whole grain versions by replacing unhealthy crust or buns with healthy. Even if you pile it with animal products and high-calorie condiments they will still be 150 times better for you than the original.

    See the free ebook: http://MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com/
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  • Homemade Desserts Play all

    Healthy Desserts
    In our household, we have sweets on Saturdays only. We call it “Saturday Sweets” or “Seasonal Sweets”. No one will die a terrible diet-related death from eating sugar once a week, and I believe the benefits of having family traditions are worth the extra carbohydrates. Make the transition to a healthy diet much smoother for your children by planning comfort foods together for the coming weekend. Using healthy replacements like organic sugar or honey powder, you can make your favorite desserts from scratch and no one will ever know it's healthy. You will keep them from feeling “deprived” while also building “sweet” memories in the kitchen. Be sure to take lots of pictures!
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  • Bulk Foods Play all

    Set up your kitchen for healthy and conscious cooking. Reduce your food bill by gathering foods that store for a year with the same grocery budget that you would have spent on one week of food. Learn how to store it properly to prevent losses. Gather friends and family for group buys of food, containers and appliances to reduce the price and divide up the shipping costs.

    The focus of Project 1 is to prepare our kitchen for all the rest of the project. Project 1 starts by removing the unhealthy things we drink. Beverages are often the culprit to many of our health issues. Too much sugar, too much salt, carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, many addictive substances, caffeine, alcohol, MSG, aspartame and “other natural flavors” are all part of the weight problems facing Americans today. We have to get back to Mother Nature’s original plan to drink water if we ever hope to overcome diet-related health issues.

    When you have completed the clean out you are ready to start the project. If you already know that you are going to complete all seven projects, it makes sense to start with a good kitchen clean out. Changing your diet is impossible to do when you are surrounded by the same foods you have always eaten. Each project brings in new foods to replace the old. Choose a clean out option now before you move on through the course.

    Three Kitchen Clean Out Options:

    1) One way to complete the kitchen clean out is to stop shopping completely and only eat what is left in your kitchen until it is all gone. This not only clears out the cupboards, pantry, freezer and refrigerator but also give you a clear idea of how long your current food plan will sustain your family in a true emergency. This becomes significant when the new plan is implemented and your food budget is able to buy sufficient staples for the year or more. Order the new foods with today’s food budget and live on the foods you already own until the new food arrives.

    2) The second option for a healthy kitchen clean out is to do a clean sweep through your entire house, pack up everything you have in your cupboards, pantry, freezer and refrigerator and donate it all to the local food pantry.

    3) A third clean out option is to complete the clean out of specific items as you embark on each new project. Clean out all breakfast foods and replace them with the new food items. Clean out all dinner foods, including processed freezer foods, canned goods, boxed foods, bagged and other convenience foods and replace them with the items on the dinner shopping list. Remove all white bread and white flour products as embark on the Healthy Breads project, and so on.

    See the free ebook: http://MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com/free-ebook/
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