• Good News. I'm not deleting after all. >.<

  • I'll give you a couple of days to say what ever you want to me then I'm gone for good. Bye.

  • I'm deleting my account. Thank you all for the supportive comments. I love you all.

  • Gah! Okay so first of all I would like to thank all my subbers and commenters - you guys are awesome and I love you so much! Second, I want to apologize to everyone for my lack of comments. I know you'll all probably hate me and think I've given up on you all but I haven't! I have been reading your amazing stories on my phone but my phone doesn't let me comment :( My wi-fi has been down so i couldn't comment using my laptop. I hope you all forgive me and I will try to comment more often! <3 x

  • FUCKING SEX BOMB >>>>>> O.o Love you Joeee!! Awww how my baby's grown up :) <3 x

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