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    Do you know what Hip Hop is? Have you ever taken a serious look at the most influential urban youth culture on the planet?

    Why is it so influential? Where can it take youth? What are youth learning from Hip Hop culture?
    The reality is that most people (even Hip Hopaas) dont even know what the Kulture of Hip Hop is and the magnitude and scope of Hip Hops worldwide Cultural significance.
    For the first time we interviewed top experts to discuss and define each of the NINE elements of the culture of Hip Hop.

    The elements of the culture is an area hardly ever investigated or heard of on the hundreds of radio stations across the country and seldom if ever seen on television or written about in books.
    This historic radio Series took place from 8-07-07-10-31-07 and presented select influential guests who dissected the culture of Hip Hop for the first time.

    Most of the guests are the very people that helped to create and pioneer Hip Hop and promote the reconnection to the core values of Hip Hop which are Peace, Love, Unity and Safely Having Fun.
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    Before Hip hop this is what we were influenced by and what watched on TV
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    The foundation of Hip Hop Activism is the Elders who participated in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements. Most of us that were born in the 1960s or earlier are a part of the first generation of Hip Hop. In our spirit is the knowledge of what took place in both social movements of the past. Some of us can remember when Malcolm X was assassinated and most of us can remember watching TV when they reported that Martin Luther King was shot. We grew up seeing the Black Panthers in the community and some of us are Sons and Daughters of panthers themselves. We are proud to benefit from the several programs the Panthers created and the security that they tried to provide for our people.
    The Hip Hop Generation was born out of the struggle and sacrifice of our people and we reap the benefits of being the first generation of so called Free black people and we realize the responsibility and debt that we owe to our elders and our young people.
    But are we truly free? And was the battle won? Some people in our community think so, as Hiphop activist we don't and never will. Because to us to be free means to end this system of white domination & supremacy totally. I remember listening to Sister Afeni Shakur when she was speaking on the Black Power movement and she said Dont think we won because we did not win and the battle continues.
    That battle continues with-in Hip Hop culture and with people such as Afrika Bambaataa and Krs One with his Stop the Violence campaign and with people such as Chuck D . These are just a few examples of the many thousands of Hip Hop Activists around the World. Sometimes we come in the form of Artists, and other times we come as business people, Community leaders, Organizers, Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons and Brothers.
    Our leaders of the past may have been killed or put in jail and silenced, but we are here and the struggle continues and we are looking to work with those elders that are still with us and with those younger people who want to be free.
    Hip Hop Activism is the most overlooked aspect of Hip Hop culture and I believe it is of the utmost importance as it propels and supports all the other nine elements of the culture of Hip Hop, especially now when we need to be initiating plans to gain control of our images, sounds and information that the Government, Corporations and Media now control.
    So therefore we are proud to present our mini-series Hip Hop Activism and Black Mentorship. We will speak with many Hip Hop Activists and Elders in one common effort of discussion & understanding.
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