• How I Found Jesus Is Real

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    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the ONLY name that can save us. He is the ONLY way to heaven. There are no other methods, no other ways. The law and the 10 commandments can't save you. It is only Jesus Christ; a life of faith in Jesus Christ. This life which begins with faith in his name, is the only way to heaven, and then being baptised in his name, then being filled with the Holy Spirit, because he baptises his people with the Holy Spirit. That is the way of the gospel. I found this Gospel in my life to be true, and years ago I had believed Jesus and given my life to him at a young age, but I haven't completely followed him nor given myself to his narrow way, and I just lived my own way and got into my own sins, and followed my own desires. Then in 2004 or 05, I was going to a Baptist Church where I'd decided I would take Jesus more seriously again. Then one time I just saw that some of the people there were serious about Jesus, and so one day I was touched by the Lord and I just broke out in tears, realising the forgiveness of Jesus. I just felt so wonderful after that time, and shortly after I got baptised there in water, and I remember when I had been baptised, this wonderful joy and peace descended on me and this was the Holy Spirit, but then I just didn't continue to walk the way of the truth. You see I had heard the way of believing and baptism, and I have decided to do that, but I hadn’t heard the way of actually seeking Jesus in dedication with all your heart. So I was still in sin and sins got me down, and then one day I cried out to the Lord to help me, and he sent along my way preachers to tell me that I had to repent, and give my life to Jesus fully. That is what I did. So I got on my knees one day in 2009, and I decided to fully dedicate myself to Jesus Christ. I had already been baptised, I had already felt the peace of the Holy Spirit, but I hadn't been fully freed from sin, because I hadn't fully decided to follow Jesus 100%. But in 2009, I fully decided that, and a huge change came into my life that very minute. Jesus literally pulled me out of the darkness and totally freed me. He remembered my covenant I had made when I believed upon his name and was baptised in his name, and now the Holy Spirit could live in me freely and I could walk after the Holy Spirit learning the lessons of the race of faith. That is what I have been doing ever since. I have dedicated only to this narrow way, not following my dreams and desires anymore, not following my lusts, and instead totally dedicated to Christ. It is this way that is the true way of the apostles and disciples, and this is a serious path of the believer who is headed to the kingdom of heaven on the narrow golden way. I invite you to come this way of change as well. I was never able to give up my sins and lusts until I had dedicated fully to Jesus in all areas of my life, in my heart. It was then that I got for free. Do the same and you'll be free also. Jesus bless you.
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