• Understanding the NWO Agenda (HD version)

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    Understanding the NWO Agenda.... There is a very substantial reason behind the whole New World Order agenda, a reason that is of such extreme importance that it should be the subject of every headline of every news outlet and should head every debate, discussion, forum, think tank and also be the dinner table topic in every household, as it challenges the very future of our existence as a species and it's urgency couldn't be greater. Read the following very carefully, then read it again and again until you REALLY and TRULY comprehend what it means... It took ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY until 1830 for the population to reach 1 billion. The 2nd billion was achieved in under 100 years. The 3rd billion was reached in less than 30 years and the fourth billion in less than 15 years. We have a current world population of about 6 billion! At this rate of growth there is NO WAY the earths resources can support humanity for very much longer. If you were to graph human existence over a 1,000 year time frame starting at 1600ad and calculate on that graph; 1)fossil fuels 2)environmental decline 3)pollution 4)deforestation 5)species extinctions etc. etc. you would see they would all start, peak and END within a very, very small sector of that graph... which represents - NOW! This issue needs to be addressed by everyone, because at the moment it is only being addressed by a few... and their solution has much to be desired to say the least. They plan to exterminate 90% of us leaving a fully controllable and sustainable global population of under 500 million to be ruled over, controlled and governed by THE NEW WORLD ORDER 'ELITES'. Please don't just take my word for it... research anything and everything for yourself. Knowledge is power, and ignorance is not going to be bliss for very much longer.

    UK population reduction article from Times online:

    Are YOU a terrorist? You are if you:
    1) Defend the Constitution
    2) Ask an officer why he/she stopped you
    3) Are a defender of animal rights
    4) Are a 'lone individual'
    etc. etc. etc...
    Check out this FBI flyer and see if you fit the description of a 'domestic terrorist'



    A message to the NWO from the Sons of Liberty -

    Information on the NWO:

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