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  • The Deeper You Go ~ consciousness documentary sneak peek

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    Featuring: Eben Alexander, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Susan Blackmore, Judith Blackstone, Francoise Bourzat, David Chalmers, Deepak Chopra, Stanislas Dehaene, Daniel Dennett, Stuart Hameroff, Don Hill, Julia Mossbridge, Karen Newell, Jill Purce, John Searle, Rupert Sheldrake, Henry Vyver. What do you think? Click link to VOTE ~

    Film Press Release:

    ~Press release ~

    In “The Deeper You Go” Milwaukee filmmakers Lora Nigro and Kevin Rutkowski, reunited with Los Angeles cinematographer Vincent Gaudes, interviewed keynote speakers on the fly at The Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference organized and sponsored by The Center for Consciousness Studies; University of Arizona this April.

    Setting up camp in the hotel courtyard where the conference was held, they shot guerilla style with one HD camcorder and boom microphone but seized a hotel storage closet for the makeshift indoor shots.

    Known luminaries and TED talkers Deepak Chopra, Susan Blackmore, David Chalmers, Dan Dennett,Stuart Hameroff, John Searle, Stanislas Dehaene and NY Times best selling author Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven are among the rock star line up.

    The Sneak Preview demo introduced this September captured the ensuing debate in quick point-counterpoint edits, suggesting that the sharpest minds in the field don’t agree much on the nature of mind.

    “Consciousness” the film’s featured soundtrack single also became available web-wide. Nigro and Rutkowski’s background as recording artists, whose lyrical explorations of the meaning of existence, provides a context for their interest in the subject. Consciousness is fundamental to our reality. Once the domain of religion, the study of human consciousness has exploded in the last decades, making headway in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and other disciplines. “The Deeper You Go” will be submitted to independent film festivals upon completion.

    Updates are posted @11thStory.

    Listen & Download "Consciousness" the new single by 11th Story at Google Play ~ iTunes ~ Amazon ~ or Spotify.

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