• THE WEB & CXXXVI - Giant Weevil

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    ...what was this feeling?... This is the closing track to our WTF series. Music prgrammed by THE WEB; vocals and lyrics by CXXXVI.

    Lyrics (by CXXXVI)

    An entomologist travelled to a distant island
    And what he discovered there had never been seen before
    It is wasn’t good it wasn’t evil
    It was giant weevil
    Well he took the specimen back to his lab
    This would be the greatest discovery in all of his career
    But over the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
    From studying this giant bug
    He had feelings he hadn’t felt before for any human
    Or bug
    What was this feeling?
    This feeling was
    Yeah he looked into that giant deep black diamond eyes
    And he was mesmerised
    He said it aint good it aint evil I’m in love with a giant weevil
    Well he tried to hide his feelings from the scientific community
    But you know it got leaked
    They wanted to take away his giant weevil
    And put it in a museum
    Put her in a museum
    But in the darkness of night
    He climbed on to the back of his giant weevil bride
    And they flew away to an island paradise
    Where they could raise their huweevils in peace
    He said it aint good it aint evil I’m in love with a giant weevil
    I'm in love with a giant weevil Show less
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