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    You say you are ugly? You say you are so fat? You say you are so stupid?
    Yes you are right!
    You are ugly! ❤️

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    (german Video)


    Video explanation:

    It often happens that people talk bad about themselves, "I'm so ugly, nobody wants me." (symbolized by the quark and the negative associations with which we stuff ourselves though he does us no good)
    I think that with your own thoughts and the picture of yourself, you also attract the people and situations that underline it! Whether positive or negative.
    ("Who wants a relationship with someone who finds himself shitting")

    For many years I have reduced myself to different things and did not believe in myself. When I finally stopped this "I can not do that" thought, and I saw my true value, suddenly everything went different!
    Of course it's not as easy as in the video (self-esteem quark)
    It's a lot of work and it takes time.

    You do not need confirmation from anyone that you are special!

    I have designed the project as a kind of exaggerated promotional video because one often sells miracles and strategies on the internet that are supposed to work IMMEDIATELY.

    You are all beautiful, talented and intelligent! Stand by! And you will see what happens! Show less
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