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    I always knew that the videos I made were well received by the international Kendo community, but it wasn’t until my announcement that I would leave AJBTV, that I realised that the impact I had made was far greater than I had imagined. Immediately, I was inundated with messages from viewers urging me to continue producing content – which was always the plan – but what really touched my heart was the sheer number of people who contacted me to tell me that they had started Kendo after seeing my video, and that I had inspired them to ‘give it a go’. As I have said so many times, spreading the practice of Kendo around the world is my dream. These messages proved to me that, step by step, viewer by viewer, my dream was becoming a reality.

    I also realized that there is still much more to do, and I am now more fired-up than ever to make this new project – The Kendo Show – the most informative, and most enjoyable Kendo related content in the world. I want to bring the highest caliber of informative, instructional, and interesting videos about Kendo, direct from Japan to the world.

    My main focus, from here on in, is to make The Kendo Show a powerful force in developing Kendo around the world. The goal is to act as a bridge between Kendo, as it is perceived and practiced in Japan, and the Kendo community of the world.

    Most importantly, the content will be as easy to understand as possible, and even the more difficult, or esoteric concepts will be explained in plain English.

    In order for me to really focus on achieving this goal, I will be dedicating a massive section of my life to it. Also, I wish to continually raise the quality not only technically - such as better lighting, sound, Fumikomi-proof tripod, high speed/slow motion camera etc., but also the quality of the content – in other words, travelling to interesting locations/Dojo/events across Japan or the world, collaborating with other Kendoka, perhaps even live event coverage. But here’s the kicker. All of this needs funding.

    So, because it is important to me that I keep you all in the know, I want to give you full disclosure on how I plan to fund The Kendo Show. Also, many of you have asked how you can support the project, so I’d like to let you know just how you can do that too.

    First of all, in tandem with my goal of delivering information, my background as a Kendogu professional has allowed me to address another significant task, in regards to the internationalisation of Kendo.


    So, I came up with the idea for KendoStar - a Kendogu shop that brings Japanese quality to the world stage. Further, it specifically offers products that are tailored for the Kendoka of the world. The revenue from this project directly helps towards the development and improvement of The Kendo Show. So, make sure you are choosing KendoStar for your equipment needs from now on!

    Crowdfunding – I’ll be honest, I wrestled with this idea for a long time. I am dedicated to keeping The Kendo Show free – and although I believe that many people would indeed be happy to support the project by paying a small charge, I decided that making that method optional would help keep the content accessible for all. Therefore, we will now have ways in which you can contribute to the improvement of The Kendo Show, such as donations via YouTube, and also via Patreon. For less than you would pay for a Netflix subscription, you can help turn The Kendo Show in to the powerful movement that it deserves to be.

    Merchandise – Soon we will reveal a small range of merchandise – mainly apparel – that will give you the opportunity to support the improvement of The Kendo Show, and get your hands on some cool T-Shirts and stuff, at the same time. This will be complemented by another sub-project of mine – Kendo Gamer - a community for Kendoka who also love video games, and that aims to bring the two passions together.

    These are the main three methods that I hope to acquire the funding I need to keep The Kendo Show reaching more and more Kendoka across the globe.

    I would like to thank you in advance for your understanding on this slightly difficult topic, and I hope that I have been able to be clear on how I intend to operate going forward. Finally, whether you decide to contribute to one of the funding channels or not, please know I really do appreciate you supporting The Kendo Show – it really means so much to me.

    Don’t forget, you can still support the project by simply sharing the channel with your friends!

    My name is Andy Fisher, is this is The Kendo Show. Show less
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