• What is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the largest Star Wars games in existence. In this video, we'll be going over what it's all about and what you can do in the game.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massive multiplayer online role playing game which means you can play together with friends online or play alone alongside thousands of other players all playing together on the same server, and is similar to other online roleplaying games like World of Warcraft. The game is immense in size, and is only available on a computer, and can not be played on a phone or a console or offline. One of the biggest draws of the game is that it is set in the legendary Star Wars universe, but has a key difference compared to the Star wars movies - it's set almost 4,000 years before they take place, in a world where Jedi and Sith are abundant and the Republic and the Empire are at constant war.

    You start the game by creating a character - you choose a faction to ally with, the valiant republic or the powerful empire, and then choose your class. Your class will determine a lot about how you experience the game - each class has a unique story to follow, and each class has a unique combat style. You can play as the Jedi Knight a guardian of peace, the Jedi Consular a seeker of wisdom, the Trooper, a defender of the Republic, the Smuggler, a quick-thinking rogue, the Sith Warrior, an unstoppable force of the dark side, the Sith Inquisitor, a sinister prodigy of force power, the Bounty Hunter, a killer for hire, or the Imperial Agent, the empire's secret weapon. You'll also be able to customize your character once you've picked a class - you can choose their species, their gender, and how they look.

    The game has four pillars of gameplay - story, progression, combat and exploration. As soon as you create your character you'll jump immediately in to the story. Star Wars: The Old republic is unprecented when it comes to story in online games, and in the cutscenes you will actually see your character acting out the story, and each cutscene is fully voiced. The cutscenes are almost like a living movie , where you get to decide how you'll react to situations as they happen, and make crucial decisions that will affect your storyline later. These cutscenes will explore the story of your class, from your humble start all the way to becoming one of the most prominent members of the Republic or the Empire.

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