• STREET LIGHT - DOOM (Official Music Video)

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    STREET LIGHT - DOOM (Official Music Video)
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    Written & Directed By: STREET LIGHT
    Shot & Edited By: Kaija Hinds

    Guitar By: Jonah Wine
    Opening Sequence Shot By: Alfonso Algara


    Looking at the world through a mirror
    Making everything clearer,
    When I realized everybody doomed

    I know 45 launching missiles
    I'm just praying they don't hit you
    Better run and hide when you hear the boom

    Shooting at the top from the bottom
    Had me turn into a problem
    When I get a drop, everybody move

    I know they can feel the truth coming
    But there ain't no use running
    Cuz I'm out now, everybody DOOMED

    Verse 1:
    I am back, now settle yourself
    Just know that my album sound like when you're dead to yourself
    scared for your health,
    your friends too scary to help
    It's very apparent
    That I shouldn't be sharing the wealth

    I'm alone a lot, but I'm not lonely
    The problem is that it's impossible when I'm not phony
    The only time I feel neglected is when I'm stepping into a crowded room with a lot of dudes who do not know me

    I get up in the morning
    Muffins imported
    Nothing is sorted
    Nothing is snorted

    But this white power
    Feels like white powder
    that the government ordered
    And everybody cracked out
    Meaning the Pentagon is the crack house

    Bunch of black girls going missing, nobody willing to listen, now that's a media blackout
    I wanted you to let your heart guide you, but now I'm parked behind you, and it's too late to back out ..

    Verse 2:
    I don't like .. feeling like .. the truth is missing
    I don't like .. feeling light .. you were lifted
    I don't like .. killing like.. Judas
    It's not in my jeans to do this, it seam like a True Religion

    I just might..  get in my.. feelings like.. Killer Mike, kill a mic, kill em all, New Edition
    And ain't nobody killing Light, venom, no filler like Miller Light, I'm not the kid that you were dissing

    Where is your appeal in my.. opinion you a peel in your appearance, everybody see the fruit is missing ..

    We just living different lives
    You a livid, living lie
    I done hit a limit, I refuse to listen

    And y'all wearing matching hats and jackets
    But only one of you benefit from the pack and
    This will probably end in a minute, it's feeling tragic
    Headache make me wanna peel they caps... back like aspirin

    I know somebody biting my flow from back then, even wearing my hats and you borrow my accent
    I was cool, til we looked at the way that you snatched it
    Tryna deny it and saying that we're overreacting

    I wasn't mad at you, you just had an attitude, and seemed to get confused about where we are in latitude
    Don't want to spazz, I'mma keep it polite
    Imma rap circles around you for the rest of your life


    Verse 3:
    I'm back on topic.
    I'm back on top and I got eyes everywhere, I'm watching
    I swear, I got ears everywhere I'm not in (nodding)
    You knock it,
    The pen been opening doors for me like a lock-pick
    They be calling me gifted, but it's no stocking.
    How you running a business when there's no stock in
    Talking all of that Jazz when you drop, need no assists when I get em alone/Malone, player-- that's No Stockton

    Ya Portland is Pippen, I know I'm no Rodman, so I'm Jordan in 94 if he chose boxing.
    Remember when I was mentioning stocks
    And now I box, because a box is the only thing that you stocking!

    And that's the difference between having a gift rapping
    And gift-wrapping, a different deal that we're shopping
    Who the hottest? It's like a game of tag
    And you must be pretty fast, everybody know you "not it"

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