• Human Flight | What is Empathy?

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    Dear you,

    Like you, we experience Singapore through a rat race of always chasing for something. For better grades, for more money, for more.

    In the interest of time, we might have forgotten the depth of certain conversations. Our words are more concise, efficient, less nuanced. Some conversations are left unsaid, for being too difficult or "too much feels".

    You don't have to shy away from these conversations.

    In fact, you can hold them here. Take the example of many before you to sit down in person and have a conversation. Make both the space and time to listen to someone else. Dwell to the real reasons of things, as much as they are comfortable with, to learn what makes people, people.

    You will find, as we have, that there are more to a person than it seems. That you are a part of a humanity bigger than all of us alone.

    Take heart.

    SG Narratives & SGN Discuss

    Poem titled The Human Flight, written by SGN Co-founder Syakir & read by SGN Discuss Host Wani.

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