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    Hi my name's Ava and this is my YouTube channel.
    I sometimes make videos with my sister Nina but most of the time I make videos on my own.
    I hope you will enjoy them.
    And remember to like and subscrib
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      YouTube's movies destination featuring the latest new releases, blockbusters and more.
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    • #RileyRandoms | DAY 5: FUNKO POP HARRY POTTER ADVENT CALENDAR (a vlogmas of sorts)! (Philippines) - Duration: 99 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Yo, finally got to edit Day 5! Some #vlogmas, ei? Lol! There must have been an adjustment to camera settings on the last ios update, the videos are low-res. Boo! But anyway... let’s see who I got f...
    • #RileyRandoms | DAY 4: FUNKO POP HARRY POTTER ADVENT CALENDAR (a vlogmas of sorts)! (Philippines) - Duration: 80 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Yay! Day 4! Just to recap, we got Harry Potter, a Thestral and Luna Lovegood for Days 1 to 3. Who do you think we’ll get for Day 4?


      Hey, friends! It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it??? I...
    • #RileyRandoms | DAY 3: FUNKO POP HARRY POTTER ADVENT CALENDAR (a vlogmas of sorts)! (Philippines) - Duration: 117 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Day 3! Still a few days off, but getting there. Christmas Vacay, hurry up, will ya?


      Hey, friends! It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it??? I started filming an Advent series featuring the ...
    • #RileyRandoms | DAY 2: FUNKO POP HARRY POTTER ADVENT CALENDAR (a vlogmas of sorts)! (Philippines) - Duration: 119 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Day 2! Slowly catching up. :)


      Hey, friends! It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it??? I started filming an Advent series featuring the 2018 Funko Pocket Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar - a...
    • #RileyRandoms | DAY 1: FUNKO POP HARRY POTTER ADVENT CALENDAR (a vlogmas of sorts)! (Philippines) - Duration: 3 minutes, 18 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Hey, friends! It’s almost Christmas! Can you believe it?! I started filming an Advent series featuring the 2018 Funko Pocket Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar - a collection of 24 Pocket-sized Vinyl...
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      Hey guys, Eric here! Thanks for stopping by my channel! On Eric's World, I like to post videos of challenges, toy reviews, gaming and vlogs! Check out some of my videos and if you enjoy them, don't fo
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    • #RileyRandoms 019 | MY FIRST VISIT TO BUILD-A-DINO (a Build-A-Bear Workshop) (FL, USA/Philippines) - Duration: 4 minutes, 6 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      If you’ve been following me on social media, then you already know that we recently took a Dream Vacay to Florida, USA! We did the whole FL shebang - Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, beaches, theme pa...
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      We play Video games and do toys reviews! If you are looking for fun, family friendly video game commentary, you are in the right place!

      If you enjoy our content, subscribe and become a LorenSub!

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    • #FunFridays 025 | LILO & STITCH KEYRING BLINDPACK OPENING! (Philippines) - Duration: 100 seconds.

      • 3 months ago
      So it’s another late #FunFridays video for this jet-lagged YouTuber. Hahaha! Seriously, I think we all were conked out at 9PM last night. My mom was supposed to upload this yesterday, but we didn’t...
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      Gracias por ver mis videos recuerda SUSCRIBIRTE y darle like si te gusto dejame sugerencias y que videos quieren que suba.
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      Thanks For Whatching
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      Welcome to our channel playing kix. Our names are Jaylen and Joshua. We love to play sports especially football. We love to do fun DIY projects such as slime, painting our nerf guns, and target practi
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      Welcome to House of Toys!

      This is a family oriented channel especially for kids who love to play toys. Evan loves his toys and loves to play all day! He loves Disney Cars Movie toys, from cars to pl
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    • #RileyRandoms 018 | WINNING POKEMON WATCHES FROM TOREBA! (Philippines) - Duration: 3 minutes, 11 seconds.

      • 3 months ago
      Hey, friends! Oh look, it’s another Random video! I was playing on my Toreba app, and won three Pokemon watches in a row! Toreba just launched NEW! Pokemon watches, and I won a Watch B, and two Wat...
    • Eduard Vain - Channel

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      Hey Guys, welcome to my arcade YouTube channel.
      Let us introduce myself, my name is Eduard and Im
      a claw machine master.If you love watching claw
      machine and arcade videos, you're in the right place
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      Hello, Friends! I'm AKIRA and this is my Kids channel ✿ LittleRockstar Akira!
      I hold Miss Tiny Toddler title at East Coast USA Pageant & I love Singing & Dancing.
      SUBSCRIBE to my channel it's FREE an
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    • Surprise In My Pocket - Channel

      • 35 videos
      Welcome To My Surprise Egg Unboxing Channel! 😊
      All The Videos Are Family- And Kid-Friendly.
      On This Channel You See Kinder Surprise And Other Surprise Eggs Unboxing Videos. Here
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    • Fun The Wright Way - Channel

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      Having Fun the Wright way, where we promote family, fun and being free in yourself
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    • Jays Fun Channel - Channel

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      Jayden loves playing with toys! He loves slime, dinosaurs, Pokémon, Mario, Skylanders and so much more!
      Join and watch Jayden as he plays with his toys and goes on adventures!

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    • #RileyRandoms 017 | FREE GIGA FRIES FROM POTATO CORNER! (Philippines) - Duration: 113 seconds.

      • 3 months ago
      Hey, friends! Guess what? Potato Corner has a new game app that allows you to get FREE fries! And not just any size, but the GIGA-sized Fries! All you need to do is download the game app, register,...
    • Plush Time Wins - Channel

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      Hey Guys, welcome to our arcade YouTube channel. Let us introduce ourselves, my beautiful wife Crystal, who I usually refer to as Cris, is the girl in the videos and I am Angel(believe it or not, that
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      Hi, Paul and Shannon here, we are a family friendly channel that provides safe videos for the young and the young at heart. We love to open and collect all kinds of toys. Some of our favorites includ
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      Welcome to UnspeakableGaming, a channel with Unspeakable content! Minecraft, Gaming, Challenges, Roleplays, Custom Maps, along with tons of other awesome videos!

      SUBSCRIBE ➡ http://bit.ly/SUB2UNSPEAK
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    • #MailMondays 003 | MY FIRST-EVER TOREBA UNBOXING! (Philippines) - Duration: 4 minutes, 47 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      Hey, friends! It's another #MailMondays video!!! Yay!

      My mom and I got a package a few weeks ago! See, we discovered a new game app called Crane Game Toreba (I called it To-ree-bah on this video,...
    • #RLcollabs 019 | EARLY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING AT S&R! S&R Members’ Treat 2018 (Philippines) - Duration: 2 minutes, 17 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      It’s my favorite time of the year - the second leg of S&R’s bi-annual Members’ Treat! It’s the perfect time to go Christmas Shopping! Imagine all the discounts, great deals and huge savings on worl...
    • My Toy Store - Channel

      • 13 videos
      Hello friends,
      Let's play with toys and have fun together!

      Welcome to My Toy Store, Parent and kid friendly videos, safe content. A unique toy channel bursting with super happy, positive, very fu
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    • Zane's Teal Kitchen - Channel

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      Kid Cooking channel about managing life with multiple food allergies from a kid's point of view. Conquering food allergies one recipe at a time.
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    • Wyatt’s World - Channel

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      Welcome to Wyatt's World thanks for stopping by! Wyatt is an 8yr. old YouTuber who loves to unbox and review toys, do skits, challenges and more. We post new videos as much as possible, so make sure
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    • #FunFridays 024 | JUMBO CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE feat. #KiddieCuisineKids (PHILIPPINES) - Duration: 3 minutes, 4 seconds.

      • 5 months ago
      Hey, friends! I’M BACK!!! And with another #FunFridays video! Yay! Thank you to subscribers who have messaged me asking about videos, I appreciate each and everyone of you. ❤️ I have been so busy w...
    • Wil Dasovich - Channel

      • 550 videos
      I am from San Francisco, California. I have been traveling, predominantly around Asia for the last 3 years. My videos consist of my spontaneous everyday life as each day is a new adventure. With an em
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    • #MailMondays 002 | FEEL WELL SYNBIOTIC YOGURT DRINK FROM KAJUAYAN! (Philippines) - Duration: 107 seconds.

      • 6 months ago
      Hey, friends! It's another #RLMailMondays video!!! Yay! Thank you so much for sending me mail! ❤️ To those asking, you can send me stuff through the address below:

      Attn: Riley Catr...
    • JillyFunGirl - Channel

      • 39 videos
      Hi everybody its Jill
      ! Welcome to my channel! I'm 11 and I love making fun and awesome videos! I would love for you to become part of my Jill Fam! Please subscribe to my channel and hit the notificat
      • CHANNEL
    • Celine Play World - Channel

      • 46 videos

      My name is Celine, and I am an adventurous girl living in sunny Miami, FL. Some of my favorite things are Minnie Mouse, chocolate ice cream, and of course, playing! My mommy and daddy keep me bus
      • CHANNEL
    • Fambam Meadows - Channel

      • 18 videos
      Thanks for watching our channel and all the support!! We enjoy going on family adventures and getting messy cause it's memories for us! So come join our FAMBAM!! Feel free to reach out to us! We are o
      • CHANNEL
    • Chessy&Elie Time - Channel

      • 23 videos
      Personal Blog
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    • #FunFridays 023 | TIMEZONE FUN! TRYING TO MASTER THE MINI CLAW MACHINE! (Philippines) - Duration: 94 seconds.

      • 6 months ago
      Hey, friends! I'm back with another #FunFridays video! We’re behind on our videos because my mom’s phone keeps crashing. 😔 But! We might have someone on board to help us with the editing, so finger...
    • KidsCompanyPH - Channel

      • 14 videos
      The official YouTube channel of KidsCompanyPH, an online marketplace for everything about kids.

      We provide branded toys, baby products, kids shoes and apparel online. Our mission is to provide our c
      • CHANNEL
    • #MailMondays 001 | CUSTOMIZED VINYL POP! (Philippines) - Duration: 3 minutes, 19 seconds.

      • 7 months ago
      Hey, friends! It's my first-ever #MailMondays video!!! Do I hear a woot-woot! Lol!

      My mom had commissioned a customized vinyl pop earlier this year. As in, this came in the mail months ago, and s...
    • PewDiePie_Fan - Channel

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      • CHANNEL
    • Jesse Johns SUPRIZE Reviews Aussie Kids!! - Channel

      • 35 videos
      Jesse John is 5 years old & reviewing the Suprize toys and any other suprises he gets for xmas or bdays. Please like and subscribe for more Suprises. JJ
      All kids love a Suprize!
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    • #FunFridays 022 | SLEEPING CINNAMOROLL GASHAPON! (Philippines) - Duration: 2 minutes, 31 seconds.

      • 7 months ago
      Hey, friends! Finally! A #FunFridays video that is up on time! We've wrapped up shoots for #KiddieCuisine, so now my mom has more time to help me with my videos. Anywayyyy...

      We saw this Sleeping ...
    • Kawaii Arcade Masters! - Channel

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      Japan Crane Games and everything Kawaii "CUTE"
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    • Sistas and toys - Channel

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      Thanks for visiting our channel💗
      Hope you'll keep watching and we make videos every weekends😉
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    • 2 Brothers Play - Channel

      • 94 videos
      Welcome to 2 Brothers Play!

      Kayden and Tristan are two brothers who love to play and have fun! They love all kinds of ride ons toys and construction trucks and they can’t get enough of excavators, bu
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