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    How much does it cost to produce a video?” This is the most common and sometimes challenging question we get. This is because the effectiveness of a video is not necessarily tied to its budget as much as its distribution, exposure, timeliness, and market saturation. It’s a question akin to: “How much does life insurance cost?” “How much does a house cost?” “How much do shoes cost?” It’s hard to answer without asking more questions. The only right response to these questions is “It depends...”

    We like to compare the process of producing a video to buying a car. You can buy an inexpensive car with a radio, cloth seats, and manual windows and lock – or you can go with a top of the line luxury model. Or, like most people, something somewhere in between. Essentially, as long as the car is structurally sound, it will provide perfectly serviceable transportation. The low-end model might not have all the bells and whistles you’d like, but it will get you from point A to point B. The higher-end models offer greater refinement and structural integrity in addition to enhanced luxury.

    The real decisions that need to be made before determining a budget is to first decide what you want your car to do once you own it. Luxury touring? Heavy-duty off-roading and towing? Just a simple ride to get back and forth from home to the office? Once you’ve got this decided, you can select the model that fits your goals and then add options until the budget hits your comfort zone.

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    About Us:
    Plum Media is a creative and dynamic media production company based in Milwaukee. Our in-house staff writes, produces and edits memorable video that makes a measurable impact for sales, marketing, internal and external communications teams. We are also experts in meetings and live events. From concept to staging to live streaming on the web, we deliver stunning visuals, scripting and on-site direction, and then manage every detail to ensure your events run flawlessly.

    If your business can benefit from a video like this, contact us to learn more about how we can make that vision a reality.

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  • US Festival Documentary Play all

    Regarded as the Woodstock of the 80's, the 'US' Festival captured the mindset of a culture on the cusp of a technology transformation. This documentary reveals the bands, fans and organizers who brought Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's rock festival to life.

    The film will be an intermingling of history, unseen concert footage, and anecdotal stories as told by and seen through the eyes of the event participants.

    Newly found and digitally re-mastered concert footage brings back to life memorable performances from the premier artists of the decade.

    An original Plum production in partnership with ICON Television Music and UNUSON Corporation.
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  • Fun Holiday and Social Media Videos Play all

    Using short videos on social media is a great way to increase engagement. With all of the "national" holidays available, there are also a lot of opportunities to showcase your business in a fun light.
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