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In this playlist you can watch all my Gold Digger Pranks! I dress up as an ugly, homeless, poor or shy guy and go to colleges, malls to find girls to hit on to see if they would give me their phone number! If I get rejected I come back right away dressed nice this time driving an exotic car to see if the girls treat me differently! My first ever Gold Digger prank was filmed almost a year ago where I approached a hot girl who happened to be married and got rejected. Then I came back in a Lamborghini Huracan and suddenly the married girl was interested and super down to cheat on her husband ! So unfaithful right? Exposing cheating , married , gold diggers for a playful and silly candid camera gag soon turned into one of my most popular pranks series and since then I have done 4 different pranks where I pranked more hot girls who were either already married or about to marry their husband ! For example in gold digger prank part 2 I met this beautiful girl who was walking her cute puppy and ended up actually being in marriage with a active duty marine who wasn't in the country at the time. When I tried to pick her up first looking like a normal guy she said she was married and acted all loyal and faithful but once she saw my white Lamborghini Huracan her attitude changed and she started flirting with me and acting all sexual and sexy around my exotic car ! During gold digger prank part 3 I met a girl walking pretty much naked in public with her dog where I tried picking her up while sitting on my red trex by campagna and she was super flirty and sexual with me touching her boobs and getting closer and closer to me while we talked but once she realized that the exotic car I was sitting on wasn't actually my car her attitude changed and she said she had a boyfriend she was going to marry soon. How does a girl go from single and flirting to marrying a boyfriend so fast? Unfaithful gold diggers man! My last gold digger prank so fast is the gold digger prank part 4 where I took things to another level! I went around Los Angeles , California acting like an homeless man who is picking up water bottles off the ground hoping to sell them later for some extra cash and meanwhile attempting to pick up on hot girls ! Of course every girl didn't even want to talk to me until I pulled up n my Ferrari limousine and as usual the girls attitude went from uninterested and bored to flirty and sexual all the sudden! Exposing unfaithful , unloyal cheaters has been my mission in this series and I have plenty more comical and amusing jokes to expose gold diggers with and entertain you. For more amusing pranks from HoomanTV check out my Shampoo Pranks series next! The Shampoo Pranks are silly and playful videos of me going to the beaches in Los Angeles , California to find hot unsuspecting girls who are using the public showers ! I wait for them to soap up their hair for a few minutes and right as it's about to wash off I go in and add more soap to their hair from my own shampoos ! The reactions are always super hysterical and entertaining to watch and thankfully the people I play the joke on always find it laughable and hilarious and get a good giggle or chuckle from it. Once in a while though the person doesn't find my jokes that funny and the video soon goes wrong ! Another one of my funny series that will for sure entertain you and make you laugh are my bathroom pranks ! In these videos I go to public bathrooms and hide in the toilet stalls waiting for random people to come in. I being the crazy prankster , joker , comedian or whatever you want to call me that I am then ask them to kindly hand me some toilet paper which I then grab and rub some Nutella on their hand. They flip out and give the most hysterical and hilarious reaction ever to the candid camera gag! I also have a series called Picking Up Girl Pranks where I pick up hot college girls using silly jokes on them with my playful , jolly , and whimsical sense of humor. Girls love confidence but in my opinion they like men with a fun , lively , entertaining and humorous sense of humor way more! Hope these videos will entertain you and make you smile! Lol

About this channel: Hi, My name is Hooman Nouri and I am the creator of Hooman TV ! In this comedy YouTube channel you can find candid camera pranks , hysterical picking up girl videos , crazy , hilarious public bathroom pranks , heartwarming and meaningful social experiments and more entertaining videos I filmed in California. Some of my most viral videos are my Shampoo Prank series and my Catching Gold Digger Pranks! I have a goofy , silly , jolly sense of humor and my own taste in comedy ! Whether you are bored and want a quick chuckle , giggle or simply just want to laugh out loud lay back , grab a drink and watch a few of my playlists ! Also subscribe so you don't miss my future videos from HoomanTV!
In this playlist you can watch all my Gold Digger Pranks! I dress up as an ugly, homeless, poor or shy guy and go to colleges, malls to find girls to hit on to see if they would give me their phone number! If I get rejected I come back right away ...
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