Dr. David Hulme points to the belief and practice of the early church. What can modern Christianity learn from their writings?

David Hulme, COG AIC

David Hulme discusses some common misconceptions about what the Bible says.
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  • Life After Death
    by Vision
    Losing someone we love is one of life's most difficult challenges. Whether we're religious or not, can we hold out any hope for a future life?
    God: A Trinity?
    by Vision
    The Trinity dogma is described as “the central doctrine of the Christian religion” yet “enveloped . . . by a kind of darkness.” How can that be?
    What Makes Us Human?
    by Vision
    What makes us human and sets us apart from other species? Is it self-awareness, free moral agency, conscience—or something more?
    The Resurrection of Jesus
    by Vision
    David Hulme looks at the tradition of celebrating Christ's resurrection on Sunday.
    When Did Jesus Die?
    by Vision
    Why do Passover and Easter rarely coincide if they both commemorate the same event? David Hulme explores some common questions.
    7 Myths of Revelation
    by Vision
    In this episode of Insight, David Hulme examines 7 myths about the book of Revelation and shows where they go astray from a biblical point of view.
    Honest To God?
    by Vision
    Today many traditional beliefs are under attack, especially those found in the Bible. Can the Bible be relied on?
    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    by Vision
    Is there a way to make sense of today’s chaotic world conditions? Thankfully, there’s an ancient document that provides the much-needed context.
    How Did Jesus Really Die?
    by Vision
    The actual cause of Jesus’ death on the cross has long been debated, but the biblical accounts tell us precisely how, and why, He died.
    Getting Off The Grid
    by Vision
    When was the last time you exited the stress and anxiety grid in order to reflect on your life and its purpose?
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