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The Witch Hunters Mordheim warband DLC has arrived, and with it, a new PVE campaign! join in as we brave the streets of the City of the damned rooting out corruption and evil where it breeds. Units in the new Witch Hunters Warband include the heroes: the Witch Hunter Captain, the Templar Knight, The Witch Hunter, and the Warrior Priest; the henchmen at our disposal are the Zealot and the Flagellant, and the impressive is the mighty Executioner!

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This game was developed by Rogue Factor and published by Focus Home Interactive as a PC port of the cult classic board game Mordheim (from 1999). It is set on a warband or skirmish scale rather than the grand armies seen in most Warhammer games. This game is currently in early access, but the full release is to include experience, skill injuries and exploration of the City of the Damned! I'll be playing a fair bit of this as it develops, including multiplayer / PVP, tutorials, skirmish showcases, and general gameplay footage.

See the rest of my Mordheim: City of the damned campaign gameplay here, in my Mordheim campaign playlist!
If you'd like to see all the Mordheim content I've ever(!) created, you can find that here:

The PC reboot of Mordheim entered early access in November of 2014, where the player gets to command a warband of Human Mercenaries, Skaven, Cult of the Possessed, or Sisters of Sigmar into battle and develop them from green novices to battle-hardened veterans!
If you're playing Mordheim yourself and are wondering about builds and other aspects of the game, you can find more information in my Builds, tutorials and more playlist:

Wikipedia describes the gameplay as follows:
"Mordheim is a tabletop game published by Games Workshop in 1999. It is a skirmish variant of the company's Warhammer Fantasy game but set on a warband or "skirmish" scale. Mordheim was designed by Alessio Cavatore, Tuomas Pirinen and Rick Priestley. Besides being a typical miniature skirmish game, Mordheim also features a campaign system. Warbands gain experience and equipment as the campaign progresses, in a similar nature to role-playing games. "

You can see the gameplay trailer for Mordheim: City of the damned right here:

Mordheim currently holds a score of 79% on Steam, showing mostly positive reception.
Though the game received, on average, moderately good ratings, many individual fans of the series have found much to love with the PC version. For instance, Mordheim has received n 8.1/10 from IGN. In a recent review, RockPaperShotgun gave Mordheim: City of the damned a positive outlook as the campaign mode released, saying:
"Although turn-based, proceedings in Mordheim seem to flow pretty fast as the four playable Warbands – Human Mercenaries, Skaven, Sisters of Sigmar and the Cult of the Possessed – take each other to task. Each has a unique story-driven campaign – the area of development Rogue Factor have been focusing on of late, I believe, some of which is teased above – that can be taken offline against AI, or online against your mates/folk half your age who are inherently better at video games than you are. That last one’s probably specific to me, though. Of course, consistent with other Games Workshop video games – and tabletop iterations, for that matter – City Of The Damned plays heavy on customisation, be it hiring, skills, gear or squad configuration.“
Source: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/mordheim-city-of-the-...

As always, I truly hope you enjoy. I'm here for you, My Friends, to bring you lighthearted and fun commentary on a wide variety of games! Welcome. It's fantastic to have you here!
The Witch Hunters Mordheim warband DLC has arrived, and with it, a new PVE campaign! join in as we brave the streets of the City of the damned rooting out corruption and evil where it breeds. Units in the new Witch Hunters Warband include the hero...
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