Obese Records Friday Fatlist 14/11/14 (Programmed by Bitter Belief)

It's FRIDAY! Which means Friday Fatlist time to kick off your weekend. This week Bitter Belief stepped in to provide his Fatlist with tracks from Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, NAS to Briggs, Logic and more.

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01. Meek Mill- Traumatized

I've been listening to this song for months now and I just can't get sick of it. This was my introduction to meek mill and what a first impression it was. I've always been a sucker for heartfelt music and from the get go the passion and emotion in his voice is so present. It's obvious that every word spoken is directly from the heart. It's a perfect mix of anger and sadness. The lack of drums thoughout the verses strips the beat right back so your forced to focus on the lyrics with a background of emotional riffs. Once the chorus hits the drums do to which also introduces the females vocals just to sprinkle some more emotion on the track. Meek mills voice filters through saying 'you ripped my family apart and made my mumma cry so when I see you n**** it's gon' be a homicide' He has a way of playing the good guy and villain at the same time and does so perfectly.

02. J. Cole- Runaway

Off the album Born Sinner - my favorite hip hop release of 2013 This song is among two others as one of my favorites of the record. The song starts with a Mike Epps sample that sets the tone of the concept from the jump. Once the sample is over cole wastes no time getting into things and spilling his guts on a chilled out beat that he himself produced. The lyrics are extremely thought provoking and relatable to most men. Admitting to flaws and weaknesses on a track is actually a strength in my eyes and something I look for in hip hop and he does this extremely well. Not only does he admit to his but he brings us in with him in a sort of story telling way. He flicks back and forth between talking about about himself in the story and then referring to 'you' which bridges the gap between him letting it out and including the listener. The chorus is my favorite part. Very simple and straight forward, sung by himself. Almost a haunting painful type of singing which blends perfectly with the rest of the song. My favorite line in the song is 'Even in ya lowest days when ya no longer superman at least ya know ya got Lois lane' just because I feel like it summarizes the whole track in one line. Perfect way to finish a verse!

03. JAY Z ft. Justin Timberlake- Holy Grail

The song starts with beautiful keys and the best singing I've ever heard Justin Timberlake do. He wastes no time captivating the listener! First impressions of the song are that he is talking of a female but upon listening closer you'll discover he is referring to his love hate relationship with the entertainment industry. The way the start progresses then switches to a trap beat is surprising and shocking at first but definitely works. As the trap beat kicks in so does Jay-Z with his laid back simple flow and possible over use of the 'uh' but when you know the verse well and are vibing to it you can't help but enjoy doing the 'uhs' with him haha. His first verse is complaining about the trails and tribulations that come with the territory but at the same time taking part of the blame 'nobody to blame - Kurt Cobain - I did it to myself'. After his first verse of course the hook kicks back in but this time is sung over the trap style beat and still works as the riffs kick back in when JT does. In the second verse Jay-z admits that his problems are minuscule compared to what people are dealing with in his old environment and almost tells himself off for complaining saying 'this is all you had to deal with? Deal with it, this ain't work it's light work' and as if you thought JT couldn't do any better the bridge is just as good if not better than the chorus. Another song I can't seem to get sick of!

04. NAS- The World is an Addiction

Nas is easily one of my favorite rappers of all time and after a few sub par records (his Damien Marley collaborative effort not included) it was good to see him come back with 'Life is Good' and this specific track is my favorite off the album. Firstly, any track with Anthony Hamilton on the hook is a winner in my eyes. I'm a big fan of his voice and this beat along with Nas' voice makes for a perfect blend and combination. As much as the riffs in this beat are powerful the drums are weak and simple but it works so well. Again, with the drums stripped right back you are forced to pay closer attention to what is being said and with this concept in particular I feel like that was a crucial move to make. This song wasn't meant to be about the beat but about the lyrics. The concept alone is genius. By saying 'The world is an addiction' he actually refers to all the tempting things within the world we as people are known to become addicted to. The first verse touches on something he probably knows well and that's b
It's FRIDAY! Which means Friday Fatlist time to kick off your weekend. This week Bitter Belief stepped in to provide his Fatlist with tracks from Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, NAS to Briggs, Logic and more.

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