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Should Blacks (Negroids) be riddled with guilt because Black tribes conquered & enslaved weaker tribes for centuries before Whites arrived or because Blacks sold their own to Jewish slave traders?
Should Turks today feel guilt about the Armenian Genocide or their enslavement of White Slavs? The word slave comes from Slav since so many were enslaved by mainly non-White Muslims. Should Muslims & Mongoloids be reminded about their brutal invasions of Europe? Should N. Africans today feel guilty that their ancestors enslaved Whites? Should Mexico return land that they took from the Indians? Should China, Japan, Turkey, India, Israel or anyone else return conquered land? What about the various Indian tribes that conquered land from other tribes?
Oh I forgot ONLY White people should be riddled with perverse "White guilt"!
We are told we are responsible for the supposed wrongs of other Whites (not related to us) from long ago. Yet we are told non-Whites are not even responsible for the wrongs they do today - that is also supposedly our fault. What about the 6 whites killed daily by blacks? The 100+ Whites raped daily by Blacks (less than 10 the reverse)? 3000+ Whites violently attacked by Blacks daily? This racial crime war has been going on for over 50 years since Whites stopped hanging them for such crimes. When we had our freedoms & segregation (rather than FORCED integration) they had less opportunities to attack us. The Gov. is responsible as well as the Jewish media & academia for fanning the flames of hatred & inciting violence against us via their anti-White propaganda. They focus on the unusual White on non-White crime & ignore the overwhelming majority of crime. Most violent crime is Black on White - not Black on black.

Blacks are privileged to live here & be able to enjoy the fruits of a White (Caucasoid) created civilization. They are privileged to have preferential treatment from local, state & federal governments & corporations. That should STOP & we should stop putting up with their complaining & repulsive behavior. They are lucky that their ancestors were slaves brought here. If not they would not be here NOW leeching while complaining but would instead be in Sub-Sahara "Black" Africa living in mud/dung huts waiting for the next food shipment from the White man. Slavery was harsher in Africa. Here the work was easier, better housing, medical care & more food. It has worked out well for Blacks but has been a disaster for us. When slavery existed here (a tiny % of rich Whites, Jews & free blacks owned slaves) it was bad for most Whites-it depressed wages.
"They" say we are the most racist (unfortunately we are the least) yet they want to come here from everywhere to take advantage of "White guilt"/stupidity.

Up until 1965 this country was over 90% White. It was built by & for White people. This country did not exist before Whites created it. "Indians" existed in small tribes that warred with each other for territory. "Indians" are native to NE Asia (Mongoloids) - not here. Whites purchased & conquered this land & created an advanced civilization where one had not existed before. Countries are founded on conquest & if another race could have done it they would have. Most all immigrants to the USA prior to 1965 were White & they built this country - not cotton pickers or a few thousand Chinese compared to the 100's of thousands of Whites (mainly Irish) that built the railroads.
Blacks had the same rights as Whites from 1865 till the 1960's - as in equal treatment/protection under the law from the Gov. Then in the 60's Whites (especially White men) lost many rights/freedoms so that Blacks & other non-Whites could have special privileges/treatment. Miniscule poll taxes? EVERYONE had to pay them. Some businesses won't hire them, serve them, sell THEIR property or rent to them? That is called FREEDOM. Freedom of association. Freedom to do whatever you want with YOUR property - to sell/rent or not sell/rent based on your own criteria/interests. If I'm forced to hire someone, rent to them, sell to them, SERVE them or allow them on MY property when I do NOT want them there then I am not free but instead I'm a slave/serf. EVERYONE used to have those freedoms prior to the 60's.
So called "civil rights" laws are mainly enforced on Whites. Non-Whites are usually free to discriminate (choose) based on any criteria.
Whites are no longer allowed our own living areas, schools, businesses, colleges, & organizations though non-Whites generally retain those freedoms. White schools were forced open to blacks by the military at the point of bayonets. White parents did not want their schools/neighborhoods destroyed by FORCED integration. Now EVERY one of those schools that was forced open is a dump surrounded by a hell hole slum. They used to be nice schools & neighborhoods. Segregation works well while integration=destruction.
Should Blacks (Negroids) be riddled with guilt because Black tribes conquered & enslaved weaker tribes for centuries before Whites arrived or because Blacks sold their own to Jewish slave traders?
Should Turks today feel guilt about the Armeni...
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