• DEATH NOTE: L IS KIRA (Live Action Anime)

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    If L was Kira, what would happen? Let's dive into the world of Death Note right now and find out :) This is the live action version of Death Note made by a big fan :)

    DEATH NOTE ONISION: https://www.youtube.com/wat......

    Another episode I did of Death Note recently: https://www.youtube.com/wat......

    Here's some of the script:

    L: *on the phone* Yes, I'm satisfied with him being locked away as well. We are all safer now.
    *voice on phone*
    L: Yes, farewell.
    *death note drops in front of L*
    L: *stares at death note*
    L: *stares at death note some more*
    L: *looks for something to pick death note up with*
    L: *uses tongs*
    L: *slowly touches death note*
    L: *opens pages*
    L: *reads pages aloud*
    L: Writing someone's name in this book most certainly won't hurt. It's clearly a joke.
    L: *writes down* "Hitori Yakimoto 1-26-2019 10am heart attack"
    L: *sits for a moment looking around*
    L: *sits around some more*
    *phone rings*
    L: This is L.
    *screaming on other line*
    L: He's unconscious or dead, which is it?
    *screaming on other line*
    L: Hmm... how curious.
    *screaming on other line*
    L: Alright well thank you for informing me. Please contact his family & his victims to let them know. In that order.
    *mumbling on other line*
    L: Farewell. *hangs up*
    *looks at death note*
    L: If it's a coincedence then writing another name won't matter.
    L: If it isn't a coincedence then I'm already a murderer and there is no going back now.
    L: Hmm...
    L: *writes down another name*
    L: Sazumata Yokita, 1-26-2019, escapes prison undetected, sets off emergency siren and immediately after jumps from 100 ft up to death
    Light: I'm bored Dad.
    Dad: I'm not sure how that's my problem.
    Light: School isn't a challenge for me. Why don't you let me come to work with you? Do something thought provoking.
    Dad: Trust me Light, there's nothing fun about what I do.
    Light: Don't you ever just want to dissect criminal minds?
    Dad: No
    Light: Don't you ever just want to figure out how they tick?
    Dad: No. I want to do my job and go home.
    Light: You're no fun at all. Just like the professors I deal with every other day.
    Dad: Sorry to disappoint you but after a while these people just start looking like numbers. Same garbage, different day.
    Light: I'm going to my room.
    Dad: Light.
    Light: What?
    Dad: I'm sorry your mother left me. I'm sorry she didn't even say bye to you.
    Light: *stares at his dad*
    Dad: *stares back*
    Light: *goes in room and closes the door*
    L: *sitting and waiting*
    *siren sounds off*
    L: *eyes widen*
    L: *looks around*
    L: *looks down at book*
    L: This... *drops book*
    L: *stares at book*
    L: *looks up at water again*
    L: Why?
    L: *looks for bag*
    L: *finds bag and sticks death note in*
    L: *walks away with death note in bag*
    L: *closes door behind him in garage*
    L: *drops bag down*
    L: *stares at bag*
    Shinigami: Hello human.
    L: *turns around and glares at Shinigami*
    Shinigami: Holy hell why the glare?
    L: *looks around room*
    Shinigami: What? You think someone's watching you?
    L: *looks back at Death Note*
    Shinigami: What?
    L: You're connected to this book I assume. You're it's baby sitter?
    Shinigami: Listen I don't really care about any of this, if you got apples, great, otherwise, shut up.
    L: There are apples upstairs, have your pick.
    Shinigami: Thanks!
    Shinigami: *smokes out of room*
    L: This book kills people, it's directly connected to demons, if I kill enough people connected to me, I will be caught.
    L: I have to eliminate people across the world, one person in one country at one time.
    L: After I write enough names... people will see that bad people die early... and karma is real.
    L: I will be... karma.
    Shinigami: Your apples taste like trash.
    L: What?
    Shinigami: Sorry, that's how Shinigami rank food, trash is like a 7/10, crap is like a 10/10, delicious is like a zero.
    L: *stares*
    Shinigami: What?
    L: *stares*
    Shinigami: You're going to say I am what I eat is that it? I'm trash?
    L: What is your purpose here other than eating apples?
    Shinigami: I love the show. I love to see what you humans do with the Death Note.
    L: Dissapear please.
    Shinigami: No problem. *smokes out*
    L: *begins writing down names*
    L: *writing down names*
    L: *writing down names*
    Light: *comes out of room*
    Light: Dad?
    Light: *looks out window*
    Dad: *getting in truck, driving away*
    Light: *looks at TV*
    Reporter: Approximately 3,400 people have died in prison in the last 24 hours, however it's not from electric chairs or lethal injection
    these people are dying from prison violence. Inmates have been stabbing each other to death with makeshift knives at record rates and
    there appears to be no slowing down of how many people die per hour. Reports continue to come in and we're quite frankly swamped.
    Light: *stares at TV*

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