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    My name is Michael Garfield, and I'm a student of natural history and an artist in more media than people seem to think is sensible. But it's not up to me – since I graduated from an evolutionary bio program in 2005, I've been rapt with "deep time" – inquiries into our distant past and future, our place in the cosmos – and communicating my enthusiasm for this mind-adventure through my music, art, and writing.

    My deep desire is to make work of genuine and lasting worth to people – not to "make a profit" but to create value. And so I live a modest life in order to devote myself to the creation of something beautiful that can nourish future generations. Work like this:

    • How To Live in the Future, a book of illustrated essays on evolution, mind, technology, and creativity. I've edited and written for countless cool counterculture publications over the years. This book will be a volume of ecstatic, visionary prose that helps you find your way through our intense, accelerating century. Read some of it at Medium and become a patron if you'd like more smart and playful writing in your life!

    • My first studio album in over 10 years, an ambitious and evocative LP that fuses voice, guitar, and electronics into a new species of folk electronica. I've been writing, improvising, and performing music for nearly 20 years but this will be my first piece that fully expresses my inner sound of ecstasy, tenderness, intensity, and virtuosity. Become a patron if you'd like to hear the most amazing piece of music I can make!

    • More episodes of Future Fossils Podcast, an archive of provocative, profound discussions at the intersection of art, science, and philosophy, with a growing list of awesome guests. Become a patron if you'd like to hear deep conversations with creative and insightful people every week!

    • The Psychedelic Age of Dinosaurs, a series of museum-level paintings building on my twelve years as a scientific illustrator and live painter, bridging academia and visionary culture. I've painted over 350 pieces in the last few years, everywhere from Burning Man to NASA, and alongside countless famous painters and musicians. For my subscribers I would like to work on FOUR big pieces every year, and offer gorgeous poster prints of each piece – one per season.

    I try to live my life as a gift to the commons, to inspire people, to celebrate our lives, and to recruit as many people as I can into a renaissance of planetary culture. It isn't easy but it is deeply satisfying work. I am hugely grateful to every one of you I can weave into this awesome little group, where I can share myself with you without having to shout over everyone else in the newsfeed.

    I like what author Charles Eisenstein said on his own page:

    "I depend on the people who have deep confidence in me – sometimes, it seems, deeper than the confidence I have in myself. I want to thank those of you who offer this kind of support. Your faith in the value of what I am doing is a reminder to trust my own faith in it, to persevere through doubts and setbacks, to hold a vision over time and submit myself to that vision. You remind me that I am working on behalf of a community, a tribe, a planet, upon which I am inseparably dependent. You keep me thankful." Show less
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