• The Life & Times of Robert Du Kay (Short Film)

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    A rubber duck leaves the familiarity of his bathtub homeland to go and live in the 'big wide pond'. Written/Directed and Scored by Matt Javanshir, Narrated by Shane Morris, with additional cinematography by James Nutting.

    This is the life and times of Robert Du Kay

    Robert Du Kay was born and raised in a happy little place called the Bathtub. He lived a squeaky clean life of simple pleasures and humble comfort with his mother, father, brothers and sisters. The adoration family Du Kay held for bath time was rivalled only be their love of one another.

    As joyful as he was, Robert Du Kay was different. He wanted to spread his little wings and seek his life's adventure.

    He had read about the 'Big Wide Pond' from the magazines. By all accounts it was a wondrous place of hopes and dreams, where it was always bath time. Always.

    When he was old enough, Robert bid farewell to his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters and he left his old life in the Bathtub to go forth into the unknown. In search of the Big Wide Pond. In search of adventure. In search of himself.

    When he arrived... Well, it was certainly different. Different from the Bathtub, different from the magazines. Different to what Robert had been picturing in his mind's eye for as long as he could remember. There were all manner of ducks living in the big wide pond. Different colours, different shapes and different sizes. Some of whom Robert had never laid eyes upon in his whole entire life. They did, however, all have one thing in common...


    They all adored bread. Obsessed with it. They would fight one another tooth, nail and beak for every last morsel of the stuff. Robert didn't see the appeal. Never had. There wasn't ever any bread in the bath tub and family Du Kay had gotten on just fine without it.

    If any bread ever inadvertently found it's way to Robert... well, the other ducks didn't seem to give half a quack about who they had to step on and bruise past in order to get it. They never wrote about that part in the magazines.

    'Now Robert, you're a Du Kay' he would tell himself. 'You're not like them. You don't fly South, you don't need bread. You are made of stronger stuff than them'. After all, this was his pond too. His life's adventure. His bath time.

    There were moments, in the life and times of Robert Du Kay, where if he were being honest with himself and speaking his heart, he wished he had never come to the Big Wide Pond. Robert missed his home, his family, his bathtub and his dreams of what the big wide pond could be.

    But then he saw her.

    She was different, too. Just like Robert. She had come from a bath tub of her own. Just like Robert.

    And suddenly it all made sense. Every decision had lead him here. From foam and faucets, through life and bread, Into the Big Wide Pond and beyond, to seek his life's adventure.

    Or at least the start of his life's adventure. But that's a story for another time... Show less
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