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    We have people that have come to this place from all different backgrounds. They’ve come here. Some were raised far far away from here. Some within walking distance. Some were raised in tough times, where they had to scratch and claw for every inch. Some have had a seemingly perfect pathway to this point. Some had to fight illness before they got here. Some still are. Some had to hit rock bottom and fight their way back up again. Some had to overcome injury, both physically and emotionally before they got here. Some still do. Some backgrounds have been like a roller coaster...they’ve gone up and back down and up and back down again before they got here. Some have just been on a strong steady climb to this point on their journey toward success. But the fact is, no matter where you come from, or what your background was like, you ended up here. Among the infinite number of possibilities of where you could be in this world and what you could be doing, you chose to be here, doing this. You’re are here for a reason. It’s not by accident. You chose to be here. There’s a million other things you could be doing at this very moment, but you’re not. Because you’re here. Right now. So the question is, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to give it a hundred percent of your attitude, effort and focus? We can a make a massively positive impact on this world if we work together at our full capacity. Not only by upholding a great company culture and continuing to grow so we can provide jobs and bring more people into the Madwire family, but most of all, by helping small businesses grow. These things put food on people’s tables, they create jobs, fund charities, put kids through college and make the world a better place. It all starts here, right now, with each and every one of you giving it your absolute all. That design you did could convert at a high enough rate to get them just enough jobs to hire one more person. That blog your wrote could rank just high enough to give them enough work to survive one more month. That lead call you made when you don’t feel like it could be the one that would have gone out of business without your help. That account you stayed late to fight to save could be the one two years from now that thanks you for helping them buy the house of their dreams. Don’t you see the magic in it! We’re making a difference. You’re making a difference. What you’re doing does matter. So you see, you’re here for a reason because there’s some kind of talent that you have that fits in this puzzle. Maximize it! You have to be mad about mad. You have to demand Execution Excellence of yourself and your teammates. For it to be our standard it must be yours first. And it has to be non-negotiable. Marketing and design, we call it mad, and we love mad.


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