• Episode 13: The Right approach to 'Scale' - Duration: 117 seconds.

    • 5 days ago
    In this episode of LV Soundbites we sat down with Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka. Manav has played both roles as founder of a startup and “funder” of startups. With this combination of experien...
  • Episode 12: Building for India 2 - Duration: 2 minutes, 39 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    In this episode of #LVSoundbites we sat down with Chief Product Manager at UIDAI and Chief Architect of Aadhar, Sanjay Jain. We discussed building for India 2 and targetting the next big market.
  • Episode 11: Leverage your influencer power - Duration: 6 minutes, 34 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    In this Episode of #LVSoundbites we sat down with Shweta Shalini, Co-Convenor, IT Cell - Maharashtra State for an insightful chat on brand building for startups.
  • Episode 10: The Founders 'Ask' says it all. - Duration: 9 minutes, 1 second.

    • 1 month ago
    For Episode 10, we reached out to Mohan Kumar, Executive Director of NVP India. Mohan brings in extensive operational, technology and investment experience, having worked at leading global organiza...
  • Episode 9: Building India's Digital and Entrepreneurial Future - Duration: 6 minutes, 41 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    In this episode, we sat down with Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Nikhil Agarwal for insights on how the government is building a startup friendly and dig...
  • #LVFoundersClub: Trell Co founders talk about Fundraising on LetsVenture - Duration: 47 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Learn about Trell's fundraising experience on LetsVenture. Read the whole post on http://bit.ly/2qfnMdn
  • Year in Review | Investing Insights 2017 - Duration: 7 minutes, 34 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Paras and Minal of the LetsVenture Startup Team run through the investing trends and sector insights for the last financial year. Find out whats hot and what's attracting Angels and VCs. Read the w...
  • Episode 8: When Angels and VCs Tango - Duration: 5 minutes, 12 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    In this Episode of #LVSoundbites, an entrepreneur turned VC and partner at Accel Partners, Subrata Mitra sat down with us for a quick chat on 2016, working with Angels and what to look forward to t...
  • Monthly Pitch Sessions - Duration: 55 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    If you missed it, LetsVenture host monthly pitch sessions both online and offline. In this video, Sunitha Prasad of the LV investor relations team gives us a brief introduction to the post.
  • Episode 7: The IoT Future You Should Consider - Duration: 3 minutes, 40 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    In this episode of #LVsoundbites, we sat down with Karthee Madasamy of Qualcomm Ventures to chat about mobile architecture, frontier tech, drones, IoT, connected cars, and connected devices. Basica...
  • LetsIgnite 2017: The Aftermovie - Duration: 2 minutes, 9 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Get a glimpse into India's largest angel investor conference designed for investors to meet like-minded peers, interact with pre-screened, cutting edge start-ups and be a part of a community that w...
  • Episode 6: Early Stage investments vs Series A - Duration: 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Recently, we caught up with Sandeep Singhal, the Managing Director at Nexus Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that has offices in Silicon Valley, Mumbai, and Bengaluru to pick his brain abou...
  • Episode 5: Is the Government enabling more Indian startups? - Duration: 2 minutes, 32 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    In this episode Gaurav Gupta talks about Karnataka’s pioneering Idea to POC plan that helps early stage companies with a grant so that their equity isn’t diluted and other startup focused initiatives.
  • Episode 4: Choose the Right Problems to Solve - Duration: 11 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    In this episode, Sharad Sharma, co-founder of iSpirt talks about being in a problem-rich country, gearing our startups to addressing the next 400 million Indians, and policy makers' role in shaping...
  • Episode 3: Investment Thesis vs. Market Sentiment. Who Wins? - Duration: 4 minutes, 52 seconds.

    • 3 months ago
    In this episode, Vani Kola, Managing Director at Kalaari Capital, charts out how to approach investing, 3 things that make a good startup, and what the market sentiment in 2017 really says to inves...
  • Episode 2: A startup has to become sustainable on its own - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    In this episode, Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education Services and Aarin Capital talks about listing your startup on the Indian Stock Market, SEBI and other learnings from investing i...
  • India the Epicentre Of Disruption - Duration: 32 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Moderated by Ravi Gururaj, founder of QikPod, this panel hosted Gaurav Gupta of Government of Karnataka and Nikhil Agarwal of Government of AP. Both speakers focused on startup-friendly policies of...
  • Angel Investment Primer 2 0 - Duration: 1 hour, 54 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    The much-awaited and much-anticipated masterclass on angel investment was initiated by Anupam Mittal, who has numerous successful and profitable angel investments under his belt. He set out the bro...
  • Sectoral Round Tables: FinTech - Duration: 46 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Amit Somani of Prime Ventures, started off by giving insight into fin-tech and how fin-tech startups have gained traction in the last five years. He also stressed that 2017 is the year to bet on fi...
  • Sectoral Round Tables(1/3): IoT - Duration: 22 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Ankush Tiwari of Mobiliya gave the audience a rudimentary lesson on what IOT means, and how it is the emerging buzzword that is gaining traction in the recent years. He stressed on the fact that IO...
  • Sectoral Round Tables (2/3): IoT - Duration: 22 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Nilesh Jain of Z Nation Lab took the IOT concept a bit further and stressed the problems that people face, and how IOT manifests in different forms – pure hardware players, system integrators, inte...
  • Sectoral Round Tables (3/3): IoT - Duration: 45 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Avneesh Sabharwal, Ashish Joshi, Arun Narayanaswamy, and Gnaneshwar Kambali, who all head innovation and R&D at major tech companies, explained how each of their respective firms are investing in I...
  • 2017 Investment Playbook - Duration: 31 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    This panel was moderated by Mihir Dalal of Mint, who was successful in pulling information on the investment outlook and the playbook that investors would be better off following in 2017, by asking...
  • Demystifying Frontier Tech - Duration: 17 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Karthee Madasamy and Sateesh Andra actually demystified frontier tech, and explained how relevant, cutting edge, and disruptive (in a good way) it is in the global context. Frontier tech has the po...
  • The Untapped Potential of Bharat - Duration: 31 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Sanjay Jain of EkStep and Sharad Sharma of iSpirt spoke candidly about India Stack, the three different levels of India that startups and tech companies need to focus on.

    India 1: the elite, train...
  • Investing For Growth Vs Investing For Exits - Duration: 34 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    This is akin to the old chicken vs egg story. However, the panelists – Sarbvir Singh, Priya Mohan, Manav Garg, and Anirudh Damani, moderated by Bala Girisaballa, were quick to point out that both o...
  • The Rise Of Angel Networks - Duration: 25 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    What is an Angel Network? Where does an Angel Network fall in the investment market? These questions as well several pertinent ones were answered by this panel that saw Rakshit Kejriwal, Paula Mari...
  • How VCs Give Angels Exits - Duration: 36 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Moderated by Anil Advani, this panel consisted of Abheek Anand, Subrata Mitra, Rutvik Joshi, and Siddharth Ladsariya, all of them VCs at esteemed firms. The panelists joked lightheartedly that they...
  • Creating Value From Mergers And Acquisition - Duration: 27 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    Klaas Oskam, Srinivasan K, and Vivek Subramanyam enlightened the audience about how mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be beneficial for both startups as well as the investors. M&As can create valu...
  • Exits Through Secondary Buy Outs And IPOs - Duration: 41 minutes.

    • 3 months ago
    The last panel of day 1 of LetsIgnite 2017 boasted of Mohandas Pai, Girish Joshi, Nao Murakami, and Hareesh Ramanna, moderated by Syna Dehnugara of CNBC TV-18. The panelists went into the SEBI norm...
  • LV Soundbites, Episode 1: Are Indian Startups finally growing up? - Duration: 6 minutes, 18 seconds.

    • 3 months ago
    We thought it would be a great idea to sit down with industry influencers for a quick chat on their views of the Indian startup ecosystem and where it’s heading, especially in 2017. In this episode...
  • Building Companies to Last ft. Nandan Nilekani - Duration: 118 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of UIDAI, talks about the importance of building a company with a long term. vision
  • Being a Lead and Exiting ft. Anupam Mittal - Duration: 93 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    Anupam Mittal of People Group talks about the necessity of being a lead investor and working towards an exit vs expecting one. #LetsIgnite2016 nugget. Visit www.letsignite.in for more information o...
  • LetsIgnite Bangalore - Duration: 31 minutes.

    • 6 months ago
    We went live with live with Avinash Vashistha & Aprameya Radhakrishna for an interesting chat on Angel Investing in India in 2017. If you're an early stage startup looking to raise funds or a growt...
  • How LetsVenture works for Startups? - Duration: 3 minutes, 27 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
  • LetsIgnite: After Movie - Duration: 110 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    LetsIgnite is India's foremost conference that curates VCs and angel investors and connects them to high growth start-ups. We had 200 investors from 6 countries attend. The total amount committed o...
  • Fireside Chat: FinTech Roundtable & how Indian regulations affect FinTech - Duration: 52 minutes.

    • 1 year ago
    The LetsVenture roundtable featured a fireside chat with TCM (Founder & MD, IDG) & Vikram Vaidyanathan (Partner & MD, Matrix).

    Which was followed by a session on How Indian regulations affect Fin...
  • Introduction: FinTech RoundTable December 2015 - Duration: 4 minutes, 46 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Here's a look at our first Fintech roundtable. The event saw participation from several investors and startups. We also launched our first sector report around trends in the Fintech space.
  • LetsIgnite : Dont just make in India, Disrupt in India - Naveen Tewari - Duration: 70 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    -more videos coming soon-

    180 top Angels & 30 Startups attended LetsVenture's first flagship conference in Bangalore on 22nd April to spark new ties & ride the next wave of Angel Investing 2.0

  • LetsHangout Ep 4 : Snapdeal's Startup Connect - Duration: 39 minutes.

    • Streamed 2 years ago
    LetsHangout with Abhishek Kumar, Head of Corporate Development @Snapdeal- 23rd January ( 5 pm - 6 pm). Entrepreneurs who would like to ask any question are most welcome! Only the selected questions...
  • How Google can help your startup? - Duration: 47 minutes.

    • Streamed 2 years ago
    Join us for the third edition of LetsVenture #LetsHangout series, a live online chat in which we have virtual coffee with leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, and investors. This one's with Sunil Rao...
  • When a startup is ready for VC funding? - Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes.

    • Streamed 2 years ago
    Join us for the second edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout series, a live online chat in which we have virtual coffee with leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, and investors. This one's with Sameer Brij...
  • Innovating for Emerging Markets - LetsHangout with Dave Richards - Duration: 57 minutes.

    • Streamed 2 years ago
    Join us for the first edition of LetsVenture LetsHangout series, a live online chat in which we have virtual coffee with leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, and investors. This one's with Dave Richard...
  • Lead Investor - Definition, Roles & Challenges | Sharad Sharma in conversation with LetsVenture - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 2 years ago
    Sharad's personal mantra is to lead big and small companies through orbit change. Sharad is one of the active technology angel investors in India with about two dozen investments. Sharad is a passi...
  • Startup Funding - Understanding Termsheets & Legal Clauses - Duration: 16 minutes.

    • 2 years ago
    In conversation with Abhinav Singh, Associate Director, Krishnamurthy & Co. about various aspects of Legal Clauses in Startup Funding covering:

    - Deal Flow from Term Sheet to SHA to Money in the ...
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