• Townsends - Channel

    • 741 videos
    A channel dedicated to exploring the 18th Century lifestyle.

    Subscribe for hundreds of videos on 18th century living, cooking, clothing, and much more.

    Our Website - http://townsends.us

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  • Mythical Kitchen - Channel

    • 32 videos
    Welcome to the Mythical Kitchen. If a host has not greeted you, please seat yourself.

    Pick up official Mythical Kitchen merch at https://mythical.com/collections/mythical-kitchen

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  • Charles Cornell - Channel

    • 168 videos
    I make music out of stuff.
  • Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! - Topic - Channel

      Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!, often abbreviated Gaki no Tsukai or just Gaki Tsuka, is a Japanese variety show hosted by popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown, with comedian Hōsei Tsukitei
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    • Rescue & Restore - Channel

      • 16 videos
      I focus on restoring vintage classics & antiques. I do my best to use modern tools & techniques to bring back the life of these older items that were built to last. Join me on my journey as I attempt
      • CHANNEL
    • Puddles Pity Party - Channel

      • 131 videos
      Hello and thanks for being here. I like posting videos of music and sad and funny things. The world is a sad and beautiful place and it's OK to feel sad sometimes. Keep weepin' and keep the party goin
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    • Ali Spagnola - Channel

      • 577 videos
      Hey best Pal-y! I'm Ali! I make…

      1. A vlog where I go on an Outrageous adventure or challenge
      2. A wild, unique music video
      3. ...surprises!

      Always 3:00 ET / 12:00 PT !!

      My Pal-ys and I believe lif
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    • Christine McConnell - Channel

      • 16 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • ImperialJedi - Channel

      • 577 videos
      Will Smyth
      2238 Dundas St West
      P.O. BOX 59120
      Toronto Ontario Canada
      M6R 3B5

      Formally the TOvlogs channel, switched over to ImperialJedi for simplicity :)

      Hi my name is Will. I'm
      • CHANNEL
    • Randy Rainbow - Channel

      • 133 videos
      From RandyRainbow.com
      • CHANNEL
    • magicofmaking - Channel

      • 18 videos
      Films that cross the generations, as entertaining for adults as they are for kids. The Magic of Making is a unique combination of humour, learning, and art. Originally shot and edited for the BBC, the
      • CHANNEL
    • Sam Bur - Channel

      • 287 videos
      Trained and experienced Town Planner.

      You can find my maps and asset/mods list when you click the Steam link! Also if you'd like to contact me your best option is Instagram DM :D
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    • Jenn Sends - Channel

      • 54 videos
      Hey, I'm just a bouldering gal having a fun time.

      Here's a place for you to solve some problems with me and hang out :~)

      (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

      With love,


      "Before I was a ninja, I was a nobody. but I neve
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    • Climbing - Topic - Channel

        Climbing is the activity of using one's hands, feet, or any other part of the body to ascend a steep topographical object. It is done for locomotion, recreation and competition, and within trades that
        • CHANNEL
      • Lindsay Ellis - Channel

        • 107 videos
        Lindsay Ellis is creating video essays and other nondescript content. You can find her latest miniseries “It’s Lit!” at PBS.org. Visit VintageChezLindsay on Youtube for her previous work. Enjoy these
        • CHANNEL
      • Ska Tune Network - Channel

        • 183 videos
        Welcome to Skatune Network! This is a channel where I primarily make ska covers of songs, but I also basically do lots of other things within the ska/punk/emo/math rock/music realm, from original comp
        • CHANNEL
      • Kanuma Shwi - Duration: 103 seconds.

        • 7 years ago
        Debut music video for the band "Slow-Mo Sexual." Song entitled "Kanuma Shwi."
      • ContraPoints - Channel

        • 54 videos
        YouTuber, ex-philosopher. Sex, drugs, and social justice. 🌸
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      • Little Zen Monkey - Channel

        • 24 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Pravus Gaming - Channel

        • 3,236 videos
        New content available every weekday with a strong focus on strategy games or anything with a good story. Videos can range from silly and whimsical to intensely intellectual and try-hard.

        • CHANNEL
      • Magnus Midtbø - Channel

        • 228 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Jelle's Marble Runs - Channel

        • 141 videos
        Welcome at Jelle's Marble Runs!
        The Marble League (former MarbleLympics), Sand Marble Rally, Hubelino Tournament and many other marble racing videos can be found here!

        - 1000 subs: 23 Nov
        • CHANNEL
      • OverSimplified - Channel

        • 18 videos
        Explaining things in an OverSimplified way

        Copyright disclaimer - We do not give anyone permission to translate and/or reupload our videos or designs on YouTube or other social media platforms.
        • CHANNEL
      • Teaching/Exploring a bit of Flask - Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes.

        • Streamed 1 year ago
        Some friends asked for a guide to Flask so I'm gonna go over a few things with them.
      • Simone Giertz - Channel

        • 87 videos
        Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.

        Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.

        Want to send me something? All poop-free packages go here:
        • CHANNEL
      • USA Climbing - Channel

        • 268 videos
        The official USA Climbing YouTube Page. Live Events, Highlights, and Promotional Videos.
        • CHANNEL
      • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - Channel

        • 116 videos
        Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.

        We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

        Currently we make one animation video per month. Follow us
        • CHANNEL
      • adidasROCKSTARS - Channel

        • 94 videos
        adidas ROCKSTARS, an invitational contest for the world’s best bouldering athletes taking place from 13-14 September 2019 in Stuttgart’s Porsche-Arena.
        • CHANNEL
      • Alena Holligan - Channel

        • 4 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Tom Boyden - Channel

        • 9 videos
        Making videos for Jujimufu, making films in NYC, weekly videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Juji & Tom - Channel

        • 594 videos
        Fitness is FUN! Hang out with us!
        • CHANNEL
      • Bouldering DabRats - Channel

        • 59 videos
        Bouldering Dabrats (pronounced Dab Rats) is an independent YouTube channel promoting WOMEN IN CLIMBING! Because, strong girls rule!

        We started our channel because we were saddened by the lack of cont
        • CHANNEL
      • theneedledrop - Channel

        • 3,140 videos
        Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here! Basically, this channel is passionately dedicated to reviewing music. If you choose to subscribe, you can expect to see daily reviews on the latest in rock, pop, el
        • CHANNEL
      • fantano - Channel

        • 698 videos
        Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here...again! Cause it turns out the Internet's busiest music nerd is too busy for just one channel dedicated to music. Here you'll find discussions and rants about the m
        • CHANNEL
      • The Circuit Bouldering Gym - Channel

        • 78 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Bouldering Vlog - Channel

        • 70 videos
        My name is Derek and I want to document climbing in ways people haven't seen before. The content is made to inspire and educate people about the greatness of rock climbing and bouldering.
        • CHANNEL
      • International Federation of Sport Climbing - Channel

        • 970 videos
        The IFSC is an Olympic International Federation whose objectives are the direction, regulation, promotion, development, and furtherance of Sport Climbing worldwide. Sport Climbing is in the programme
        • CHANNEL
      • Una Kravets - Channel

        • 12 videos
        Fashion, tech, and beauty from a nerd re-discovering her girly side.
        • CHANNEL
      • Geek Climber - Channel

        • 71 videos
        I make entertaining and informative rock climbing videos.
        • CHANNEL
      • Physics Girl - Channel

        • 149 videos
        Physics Girl is a YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern that adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries. Physics Girl has videos for every atom
        • CHANNEL
      • PyCon 2018 - Channel

        • 147 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • This Might Get - Channel

        • 201 videos
        "This Might Get..." was a show hosted by best friends and New York Times Best Selling authors, Grace Helbig (host of It's Grace) and Mamrie Hart (host of You Deserve a Drink). TMG gets silly, crazy, a
        • CHANNEL
      • Bouldering Bobat - Channel

        • 214 videos
        London's original bouldering Vlog! New videos every Wednesday and Sunday!
        • CHANNEL
      • EpicTV Climbing Daily - Channel

        • 1,293 videos
        The ONLY place for all your climbing news. Check in EVERY DAY for all the latest in sport, trad, ice climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering

        For amazing gear at fantastic prices check out our EpicTV
        • CHANNEL
      • Janelle Monáe - Channel

        • 78 videos
        Janelle Monáe

        Wondaland | Atlantic Records
        • CHANNEL
      • Pop Culture Detective - Channel

        • 49 videos
        A series of critical video essays looking at media through a critical lens with an emphasis on the intersections of politics, masculinity and entertainment.. Hosted by Jonathan McIntosh.

        Help me make
        • CHANNEL
      • PyCascades - Channel

        • 35 videos
        • CHANNEL
      • Sculpture_Geek - Channel

        • 24 videos
        This channel is dedicated to the celebration of traditional sculpture. Thanks for stopping by!
        • CHANNEL
      • nana825763 - Channel

        • 180 videos
        Im PiroPito(=nana825763)
        Im making video\\(0u0)//

        My Twitter

        My web site

        Sorry,Im late for reply Email(0x0)
        I receive many E-mail,s
        • CHANNEL
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