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    Maths Fun with Caspar Lee

    If Caspar can fill a car with Maltesers in 3 hours and Conor can fill it in 5 hours, can you find out how long it takes them to fill it together? (Not 4 hours!)

    Hope you like the challenging problem I did with Caspar on rates & ratios! Please feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions for more fun questions :)

    Inspired by Caspar's Maltesers Car Prank Video: https://www.youtube.com/wat......

    Follow Caspar:
    Main YouTube: http://youtube.com/Caspar
    Side YouTube: http://youtube.com/MoreCaspar
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Caspar_Lee
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/Caspar...
    Facebook: http://fb.com/CaspLee

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