• Watch Batman vs Superman Online Story (Batman vs Superman Synopsis)

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    Watch Batman vs Superman Story Online (Batman vs Superman Synopsis)

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    This is the Batman vs Superman Story only. Let's say you don't want to watch the whole Superman vs Batman movie, but you want to know the story, you have come to the right video. This video is a synopsis version of the whole movie. Yes, this is definitely a batman v superman spoiler video. If you haven't watched the movie and don't want to see any spoilers, don't watch this! Ben Affleck (Batfleck), Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

    People say the Bat v Superman extended version is better. On Rotten Tomatoes, batman vs superman 2016 is a disgrace. But a lot of people don't think so. The Rotten Tomato reviews are rigged?

    Anyway, enjoy this batman vs superman synopsis. It will save you the time taken to watch through the whole 2-3 hours of the whole movie. Batman vs Superman : stream this story synopsis video! Will Batman win? Will he use kryptonite? Or will Superman prevail? Is this all a plan by Lex Luthor? Is Darkseid coming? What is Lois Lane up to?

    The Batman v Superman movie starts off with a scene where Lois Lane is interviewing terrorists in Africa. Things get ugly and dangerous, and she eventually gets rescued by Superman.
    Bruce Wayne seems unhappy about the destruction on Earth caused by the Kryptonian people. The World Engine scene from Man of Steel is shown, with Superman battling Zod, destroying buildings in the process. There is even a guy who loses his legs.

    After that, we see Clark Kent making out with Lois.
    Batman torturing people to get some info on some villain boss.
    Superman doesn't approve Batman’s actions.

    There is a lot of debate on whether Superman is good or bad for the whole world. Is he a protector? Or a threat?
    The Legless guy climbs up Superman’s statue to spray “False God” on it.

    Luthor asks for access to the kryptonian ship and General Zod. Some Kryptonite is obtained from the Indian Ocean. Luthor gives some explanations about what Kryptonite is, and what it can do. He also holds a party.
    Bruce Wayne attends Luthor's party and meets Wonder Woman there. At the museum, Wonder Woman says she wants to retrieve her old picture, so Bruce Wayne helps her and hacks into Luthor's system and finds a picture of Wonder Woman from 1918! He also finds footage of Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg and sends them to Wonder Woman later.

    Batman wants to steal the kryptonite from Luthor.
    He fights some thugs in a street car fight, and runs into Superman. The Batmobile is thrashed.
    Superman spares him. Superman thinks Batman should stop being a vigilante, so he gives Batman some warning and flies off.

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