• John Brown's Body - Hard Man Fe Dead (Official Music Video)

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    Official Music Video for Hard Man Fe Dead from JBB's new studio album, Fireflies!
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    Filmed and directed by Jay Brown (theclocktickfaster.com) and animated by Paul Mihailoff. Fireflies out now on Easy Star Records.

    John Brown's Body: www.johnbrownsbody.com
    Easy Star Records: www.easystar.com



    Oh what a hard man fe dead
    Oh what a cool head fe trouble
    Oh what a hard man fe dead
    Only a true man you brother

    The weak heart know we Rambo
    Enemies now they tumble down
    A proper Bass now we handle
    You better commit with a harder sound


    Who so grow the music never die
    Who sow the pollution no remember them name
    Get up and salute as it arise
    Don't come here with dispute cause we no play no damn game
    No they couldn't bend or take a life no more
    Big hooligan vendetta criminal
    Wake the town gal them upon the floor and they never alter them timing
    Rhythm it whip them and the crowd a thunder
    Tune in the sky like jah jah helicopter
    Soon it a light the way they dun know
    And it save everybody for sure


    Amassagana we born
    Living where it's an Agony
    But the hotter the battle
    The sweeter the victory

    No one can test the real champion
    See a hard man fe dead is like the baddest one
    Well sharp like the sword of the ninja man
    or the hearts of the ones we call we bredren
    Enuff a dem a gwan so inna pure jealousy,
    We don't see the hatred that they drop down pon we,
    And enuff a dem a switch and turn a straight frenemy,
    Cause we run things proper like a top posse.
    We ride or die for life, we nah get weary say we ride or die for life, we nah get heavy cause we born fi mash the mic, it's like a remedy we blaze it every night, so


    Bad man ago run up
    If he run up ago done up
    Once again you can not take me for no joke
    Well mi say Livity and love
    Righteousness from up above
    Yea we need it like an addict haffi smoke
    Some like it fast
    And some like it slow
    Mi nuh care you just continue what you do
    Mi nuh like what mi nuh like
    You can fuss and fight
    Still me nuh care because it's all about the roots
    This here bigga sound we ago run di floor
    Good body gyal a come and wind some more
    Mi lovin all di roots from di core
    Arise a what di man dem look for

    Oh what a hard man fe dead

    Test the sound It a gamble
    Satan follow what the army bring
    What a hard man fe battle
    All the gal them a wondering Show less
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