• Switching Into High Gear – Some BIG Announcements for August

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    It’s August and it’s officially Qi Men Dun Jia season! I’ve got a few BIG, BIG announcements today. And it has to do with EVERYONE who’s been wanting to

    1. Read The Energy Map That Exists Within Each Of Us And Surrounds Us
    2. Work With The Universe
    3. Transform Your Thoughts Or These Energies Into Action And Results

    These big announcements have EVERYTHING to do with my once-a-year only launch of the QiMen Academy. For those of you who’ve been waiting (or can’t watch the video right now), here’s the link to register for free and for more details: http://www.joeyyap.com/augu...

    Joey Yap


    Here’s a summary of the key information:

    • I’m conducting 4 LIVE training sessions at the end of August

    • The core content is taken from my paid $2000 program

    • I’m upgrading it based on the thousands who have already
    gone through it

    • I’m also going to crowd source content from you guys, taking
    real problems and cases – making this a truly unique class and dynamic content

    • I’m going to be filming it and offer it for $2000 or more in a few
    months from now

    • Because you’re in my tribe, I’m offering you front row seats and get full ‘behind the scenes’ access

    • It’s going to suitable if you’re a complete newbie or a skeptic

    • If you’re a seasoned QMDJ practitioner, you’re going to find a whole new perspective too

    • Because it’s LIVE, the virtual classroom can only take a limited number of live views (it’s not going to be on FB or YouTube but on a private classroom)

    Only 1 thing to do from here – Go sign up for free (via email or FB messenger) at http://www.joeyyap.com/augu...

    More announcements will follow. See you then. Show less
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