• Who is Jason Graystone?

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    My name is Jason Graystone & Im a professional investor and & Trader, and a Co-Founder of a company called Tier One Trading

    We run comprehensive training programs teaching people how to trade the financial markets.

    After strategically replacing my income at 29 years old, myself and my family now live financially independent from my trading.
    Im frequently invited to talk at industry events and was recently featured in Forbes magazine due to the innovative work we are doing with Trader Training

    Learning to trade I lost over £40,000 in the markets, taking courses, following signals and just blowing money on trades I wasn't supposed to be in.
    After spending so much money, and since working with over 50000 people in 115 countries, I found out what didn't work.
    I also found that there were some extremely predictable patterns in how and why people approach the markets and this allowed me to identify some very common problems.

    The main one is money. Everyone likes money and because of the way trading is portrayed in the media, people are naturally drawn to it as the quickest way to make millions.

    The second attraction is time. people are stuck climbing a corporate ladder or waiting for 3% pay increases and working for 40+ years whilst their family home sits empty and they want to ability to generate an income from home or whilst travelling.

    Lastly, they want control over their financial future. They have looked at pensions and realised there will be more life at the end of their money and they are worried about being a financial burden on their families.
    They have looked at saving 10% of their income and realsied that after doing this for 40 years, they will only have 4 years income to play with and There is a complete paradox when it comes to taking financial advice.

    But all of these problems are underpinned by the lack of trust in the industry.
    They know it's achievable but there are so many sharks out there and it's not surprising that they don't know who to trust.

    When you learn the right way and you can build a solid financial foundation, then learn to speculate int he financial markets, you can benefit from amazing returns and it is one fo the best wealth acceleration vehicles on the planet.

    There is also no time for money correlation. You can earn as much trading for one hour per day than you can for 8 hours per day which means it frees up your time to a degree that becomes quite uncomfortable at first.

    But best of all, it allows you to develop a timeless skill that allows you to take full control of your financial future and provide a legacy for your family without relying on a geographical location, a boss, a partner or any other means of support.

    I believe everyone deserves to live an inspired life. After transitioning from an industry I hated to a place where I could focus on what I wanted to do, I was able to serve people at a higher level.
    When people are free and able to focus, they can contribute towards their most meaningful work. My goal is give thousands of people time and freedom to be better human beings.

    I understand that trading isn't for everyone which is why we don't sell any courses.
    Instead I give you the opportunity to come in and work with me and my team for two weeks and give you access to all of the tools, an introductory training course, the network of traders inside the platform and whats more, you get to watch me trade my live account every day for complete transparency. There is nothing quite like being able to watch over the shoulder of a trader as a way to get complete belief transference.

    If you decide its not for you, you walk away without any financial commitment accept the $1 for the trial which goes straight to charity, and you haven't blown any money.
    On the other hand, if you think "actually, i can do this," and you want to go all in, then you can start immediately
    You will get direct access to all of the courses, live rooms and 24/7 access to the platform so you can build your trading business around your current lifestyle.

    All you need to do to check out the trial is to click the link below this video and you will be taken to our trial sign up page where you can read a bit more about what you will get

    We have built a platform that underpins all of the common hurdles people face when learning to trade. At tier one we decided that instead of focusing on how many people we could get through the door, instead we focused on getting results for the clients.
    Our entire reputation is based on getting results for out clients and only if you win, we win.
    If you are willing to put in the work and start building your future, then I can promise you that we will hold your hand the entire way. Show less
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