• Jaiz - Dreams (Feat Snypod) (Audio)

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    "Dreams (Feat. Snypod)" is a conscious hip hop song. This track centers around poverty, universal pain, gunplay, and apathy. The moral direction is to encourage positivity, and to aspire to rise.

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    Vocals/Lyrics : Jaiz
    Beat Production : Hygrade
    Featured Artist: Snypod (Chorus Vocals)

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    What we need
    Is to believe
    In our dreams

    If you're not struggling your neighbors are in need
    Cause there's 3 weak souls for every strong being
    It's ridiculous fussing cause I can't get dessert
    When there's millions that are starving on this earth
    I guess when you're born blessed, you take things for granted
    I should be thankful for the gifts I was handed
    From day 1, and I was never left stranded
    Always had a home, but some don't and have to manage
    The insanity that's bound to come
    Livin' on the streets while their trying to feed their son
    Lacking inner strength so they feel the need for drugs
    But if they think about it, what they need is love
    But good luck in this cold world that we live in
    It's so easy to give up, and just give in
    Ya gotta take it one day at a time
    Without rain, we couldn't appreciate sunshine

    What we need
    Is to believe
    In our dreams

    So much pain in this world to feel
    Will it ever go away? Man it seems surreal
    Inner strength sometimes really lacks in power
    Hearing that my bro's snorting coke by the hour
    I barely know women that have never been raped
    Why's it so hard to love, but so easy to hate?
    In a society that would promote
    Human beings being killed as a reality show
    Maybe it's the time to put the guns down
    And focus our passion on the ones we love now
    And don't unlock the past, the key has no future
    Even if pain's the only thing that you're used to
    We're feeling way too scared to be different
    We all stay the same, can't adapt to change, and than we give in
    When we are all unique
    No matter what race you are, stand tall and speak

    What we need
    Is to believe
    In our dreams

    Listening to my words, you may get the impression
    That I'm an idealistic man representing
    This spiritual agenda I wanna manifest
    But the truth is, I'm a weak man who's depressed
    Who's on the edge of being agnostic, and an atheist
    What I want is a place that exists
    That is not plagued with sin, and is safe for the kids
    Of the next generation, like a playground they can play in
    With no chance their gonna be kidnapped
    And I wanna prove that their still's value in rap
    With words that can make you think, and make you feel
    I wanna spit about real issues, not automobiles
    Money and material bs
    Cause hip hop gets a bad rep for those aspects
    If I can inspire one person or family
    Then my goal in music has been reached

    What we need
    Is to believe
    In our dreams Show less
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