• Alex Williams - Prize-winning Designer of the Open Source Underwater Glider

    14,381 views 11 months ago
    Alex Williams won the Grand Prize in the 2017 Hackaday Prize for building the Open Source Underwater Glider. It's an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle that uses a buoyancy system to extend time between recharging batters to be several days and perhaps even weeks.

    We sat down with Alex the morning after winning to talk about the project, his background, and where things will go next.

    Complete Documentation for Open Source Underwater Glider:

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      Bug zapping light saber hack. Music by Kevin MacLeod
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      Ever want to make your own custom speaker pods or just make a big mess in general? Bil Herd leads you step by step on how to make a mess and end up with your own custom fiberglass construction.

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