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    Lawn Freaks ! How To Series. Shawn will guide you through the complete process of how to install sod in a small front yard. Where to start, stagger those seams, how to cut and much more. Since 1962, Green Valley Turf Company, You'll Love Our Grass! - http://gvt.net/resources/do... Show less
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  • HD Sports 2.0 Play all

    HD Sports 2.0 is the new standard in high density performance sports turf. Extremely wear and traffic tolerant, HD Sports recovers rapidly from hard play. This expertly blended turf includes the variety Hampton , or “The Root Monster”, which gives it an extremely fibrous root system for heavy duty strength. This blend has superior genetics, giving it a remarkable advantage over turf diseases like summer patch. HD Sports 2.0 holds its dark color all year long with early spring green up and extended fall color, excelling in both sun and shade. HD Sports blend uses superior varieties of heavy duty Kentucky bluegrass, creating a synergy that out performs other blends on cleated sports fields.

    Plastic grown sod (PGS) gives you a bullet-proof playing surface immediately after install. PGS has a tight root-mass that reinforces the sod and locks together the 100% sand based root zone. The consistent thickness of PGS is maintained even after install because the root zone does not drop sand upon rolling and unrolling. HD Sports 2.0 PGS won’t fall apart during harvest, handling, installation and won’t fall apart during play. HD Sports 2.0 won’t fall apart period.

    Because the sod is pealed off the plastic instead of cut with a reciprocating blade, it retains its strength and harvest is far less stressful to the plant. Total root harvest maintains moisture in the root zone resulting in less transplant and installation shock, and a longer shelf life. Encapsulated with roots, HD Sports 2.0 has perfectly square edges giving you tighter seams. By not cutting the sod’s root system during harvest, the plant keeps all of the carbohydrate reserves stored in its root system accelerating rooting after installation.

    PGS can be installed over any flat surface to produce an instant playing surface. Due to the strength and root mass of the sod, it can be rolled back up with no problem. #HDSports2, #LayandPlay, #PGS
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  • How To, Do It Yourself, Sod! Play all

    Do it yourself sod help. How to install sod, prepare the soil for sod, remove old sod, establish grade, and fine grade before sodding.
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    Sod, Turf, Lawn, Grass, Green Valley Turf Company
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    Green Valley Turf Company, Colorado Sod, Denver Sod

    Golf--Less Seams, Get Into Play Quicker!
    Green Valley Turf Co. specializes in installing our Premium Quality Big Roll Sod for the golf industry. Our GVT 2000 Kentucky bluegrass blend of low mow varieties is maintained at 1/2" from initial seeding and is dense, dark, and fine textured for golf applications. We developed our own big roll installation machines that do not rut properly prepared soil and can handle slopes and steep terrain. We understand how important grade is to the final surface and dedicate a crew member to fine grading during installation. All of our forklifts are equipped with flotation tires so we do not disturb the grade or the surrounding areas.

    Green Valley Turf Co. sod crews are trained professionals and perform at golf industry standards. We run large crews of 8-14 persons that carry extra equipment to make the installation process efficient, tight and timely. We also specialize in installing greens with big roll Bentgrass sod from Sand Based Solutions, LLC. Let us put our 42 years of sod experience into your next tee project, bunker renovation, green, or entire course. Call the Big Roll Experts for a bid

    Sports--Aggressive Blend, Solid 4' Big Rolls
    Green Valley Turf Co. understands the demanding conditions put on professional sports fields, schools, and park & recreation districts. For the sports industry, we offer our GVT Sports Blend Kentucky bluegrass. These proven aggressive varieties stand up to high use and recover quickly. This blend, maintained at 1 1/4", has large tough rhizomes and is very dense. The sandy soil that we grow this blend in allows this sod to percolate water efficiently and is compatible with sand based systems.

    Green Valley Turf Co. is one of the few farms capable of harvesting 4' wide solid cut big rolls. Our big rolls are cut 3/4" thick and on request, up to 2".

    GVT developed big roll installation machines that do not rut properly prepared soil and excel on sand based systems. During installation we grade, patch and clean as we go allowing water to be quickly applied to avoid stress. Our large crews are capable of professionally installing a full size football field or baseball field in one day. We have over 42 years of sod experience and have installed hundreds of sports fields.

    Commercial--From Our Field to Your Job
    We Get it Done!
    For over 45 Years, Green Valley Turf Co. has been working with the commercial landscape industry. When your project is close to completion, we understand sod needs to be installed quickly, economically, and professionally. Sod can make or break a project. Our professionally installed big roll sod will transform your site into a complete landscape.

    We install our premium quality sod with our own large crews to make the installation process efficient, tight, and timely. These crews carry extra equipment to insure break downs do not slow our progress. We also have our own fleet of trucks to get material to the job in a timely fashion and will work with you on scheduling.

    We understand how important grade is to the final product and developed our own big roll installation machines that do not rut properly prepared soil and can handle steep terrain. During installation we fertilize, patch, clean, and roll as we go allowing water to be quickly applied to avoid stress.

    Our premium quality sod blends are the latest varieties and cultivators that excel in our dry climate. From Bluegrass to Buffalograss, we offer the widest variety of blends for all your needs. We grow all of our fields from "Blue Tag" certified seed and do not regrow. Call for a bid on your next project.
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  • Time Lapse & Action Play all

    Green Valley Turf Co in full HD Action.
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  • GVT Sod Promos

    Ads & Promotional, You'll Love Our Grass - Colorado Denver Sod!
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