• Spotify Uses Google Optimize 360 to Increase Premium Subscriptions

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    Maxime Nivet, Subscription Specialist, Spotify
    Joost de Schepper, Head of Conversion Optimization, Spotify

    To fully engage your customers, you need content tailored to specific groups and markets. Google Optimize 360, part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, makes it easy to create custom experiences for all of your audiences. When Spotify wanted to make landing pages more relevant to local markets, an integration between Optimize 360 and AdWords was especially helpful. Spotify was able to vary landing pages based on what customers were interested in – for example, if they had already searched for “audiobook” and clicked on one of Spotify’s ads, the Spotify landing page emphasized audiobooks. This was particularly helpful in Germany, where interest in audiobooks was especially high. Ultimately, the integration helped increase premium subscriptions by 24%.

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