• Amorf Ördögök - Cellux-szimfónia (2005) Play all

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  • Erik Sumo - My Rocky Mountain (10th Anniversary Edition) Play all

    Original release in 2005 on Pulver Records / Stuttgart
    Anniversary edition with bonus tracks released in 2015

    Press release text by Dom Servini from 2005 "Erik Sumo, civic name Ambrus Tövisházi is the surrealist in our band of outsiders, since his business is surreal amusement with a strong influence of musical genres from past decades. The Budapest based producer and singer/songwriter plays in different bands and releases under different pseudonyms. In his home country the most famous one is the weird eclectic pop band called "Amorf Ördögök", in which he plays the Keyboard. The 7-man band does shows all around the country and has up to now released three albums. Besides he works as a DJ on Budapest's legendary Tilos Radio, where his sets represent an even wider sound-spectrum as with the "Crate Soul Brothers", a group he is not part of anymore. Furthermore Ambrus contributes to soundtracks for both, experimental cinema (at the moment he is composing the soundtrack for a christmas movie by Peter Gardos entitled "The Real Santa") and TV-shows (the NBC used a remix of Amorf Ördögök's "Tündérdomb" for their action series "Las Vegas"). Anyway, the internationally most famous of Ambrus' pseudonyms is "Erik Sumo", under which he released 12'' on "Pulver Records". His 2002 release "Just a Woman" was a laid back house-tune that entered many playlists and charts of people like Giles Peterson and of course the souls and bodies of the fans. A lot of time in which the fans surely got nervous passed since than, but finally the waiting is over and Erik Sumo returns to Pulver with a band and a blast."
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  • Amorf Ördögök - Molylepke minibár (2002) Play all

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  • Erik Sumo - The Trouble Soup (2018 Edition) Play all

    The following Pop-revolution comes from Hungary. Who would have thought of Hungary, of all places! - a country where international careers in music are few and far between. However, vibrant signs of life were sighted about four years ago: back then an all-round musician by the name of Erik Sumo, who in real life is called Ambrus Tövisházi, successfully introduced himself with his debut album "My Rocky Mountain". Back then Pop, Dub, Jazz and Hungarian Folk-elements were crossed with extremely catchy melodies. By now, the Erik Sumo Band is a seven-strong project and the new album "The Trouble Soup" is a bubbling cauldron of great Pop-anthems. Explosive synthesizers, Eastern Bloc-ado, Indie and Progressive in three-minute operas, that could have been penned by the Flaming Lips or the B 52's. It's crystal clear, the Hungarian Pop saga has to be rewritten.

    Press release text copyright by Le Pop, Cologne
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  • Erik Sumo - The Ice Tower (2011) Play all

    The Ice Tower, third studio album by Budapest, Hungary based sound bender collective returns to the bands' very first period of DIY pop, containing smelly songs fashioned from lovely trash with an analog, eclectic sound. Bandleader/producer Ambrus Tövisházi and co. are yet again walking a fine line between melancholic pop and visceral dance music, while their constant guest, Erzsi Kiss mesmerizes us in her usual, wonderful way. With new member Gergely Csaszari on vocals, The Ice Tower became the most experimental, yet most melody-driven pop album of the band. The country's best non-traditional group call their audience to the dancefloors and bedrooms yet again, with renewed vigor.
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  • Erik Sumo Band - Twilight at the Zoo Vol. 1 (2011) Play all

    The ever-changing Erik Sumo Band, founded by composer-vocalist-keyboard player Ambrus Tövisházi, is familiar with a number of styles ranging fromdowntempo to upbeat garage punk. Their debut material released on a Stuttgart label Pulver Records back in 2005, was mixing mellow dub-folk elements with a romantic quotation of the Wild West. My Rocky Mountain put the group on the musical map of Europe. The band's sophomore LP, The Trouble Soup, focusing more on 70s progressive rock, was released last year in their home country and also in Germany on Cologne label Le Pop.After a change of lineup last year, the band decided to write new songs and release them as series o EP's. The first release in the series, Twilight At The Zoo Vol. 1 contains seven new songs. The new songs have lots of Afro elements and catchy melodies. Erik Sumo Band is still doing something that is in between genres. Their permanent guest, charismatic singer Erzsi Kiss adds a lot to the magic of the band: her parts are from imaginary folk tales and sang in a language invented by herself. Erik Sumo Band's lovely blend ofdown-to-earth dance music and melancholic pop will definitely make you happy and it is worth to check out their live performance as well.

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  • Erik Sumo Band - Twilight at the Zoo vol. 2 (2013) Play all

    Two underwater dub infused tracks from The Ice Tower sessions
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