• EpicLLOYD - HERE [Here EP]

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    Thanks so much for watching this video and for supporting all the different things I am lucky enough to make. I've never put out an EP or an album of my original music before so I'm pretty pumped to be sharing this project with you. Like the song says, it's been a really long time coming and I'm glad to be able to finally make it happen. I'll be making more videos for the songs on the EP, so keep an eye out for those and please let me know your thoughts and ideas on how I can make them great. Which one should I make next? What do you think?

    A lot of people helped me a ton with this so please make sure to check them out.

    Beat by Tone Jonez (if you've never heard this guys beats you really need to)
    Produced & mixed by Jose "Choco" Reynoso
    Video shot and edited by Ed Vilderman
    Album artwork by: Mike Bugaoan
    Written & Performed by EpicLLOYD
    Recorded at Venkman Studios and at my house

    Special Thanks to:
    Josie, Hobie, Luke, Alex Bilowitz, Choco, Mi & the WCT, Pete, Dante and the entire ERB crew, Maker Studios and especially all you fine folks.

    It's creeping up on something like ten years in the coming
    my guts and stomach rumbling from swallowing my pride
    but now this monster in my chest is busting through my breast plate
    gnashing teeth, screaming, spitting acid alien style
    fuck it I'm staggering
    trying to keep my anger under management butI've fallen off the wagon
    and for these next few bars I'm bragging
    dog, I'm living large
    like I bust out the garage
    two homes
    two clubs
    two cars
    two dogs
    two L's in my name and I give props for the applause
    taste the blood in my mouth from my gums when I floss
    part of me thinks I'm worthless
    and part of me thinks that's perfect
    a mix of pain and passion to be respected as a wordsmith
    I've lost my marbles oh my God I gotta get those
    time to gobble up these mother fuckers
    hungry hungry hippos
    and yo, hungry's not the language cause God dammit I'm famished
    despite the cash I manage can't afford to watch this all vanish
    so call me manic
    call me panicked
    I'll take advantage, stay pushing like I do when I write left handed
    I keep my head under hats
    my ego under raps
    push my pen down on the page
    and leave my rep behind that
    If I was a boaster I'd talk more about signing posters
    or how I use my gold records as my coffee coasters
    but I'm older than you think
    i opened up to gain some closure
    drag some tracks out of my brain so I can free up some folders
    and I'll never ever dream of pressing pause
    I be that outlaw, slack-jawed hacksaw south paw
    I don't give a shit who likes my songs
    I just wish I coulda played a couple for my Moms
    This isn't written out of fear
    I"m proving the difference between talent and just a couple good years
    I'm spitting out of shear excitement that I finally don't care
    loud enough so y'all will hear, that i'm here. Show less
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