• We're Gonna Build a Framework

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    Music "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel © 1989 Columbia Records.

    Clickable lyrics (yes, they're all actual real frameworks) :



    Handlebars, Hibernate, Solar, Activate,
    Phalcon, Flask and Silverstripe and Typo3 Flow,
    Agavi, Pixie, Hazaar MVC,
    CodeIgniter, Lithium and PRADO
    Raphael, Bobo, Bottle and Tornado,
    Django, CherryPy and WSGI
    Glasshammer, WebSphere, RedBean, TurboGears ,
    Albatross, Aquarium, Selenium, web.py

    We’re gonna build a framework,
    ‘cos we wanna use one, but don’t wanna choose one,
    We’re gonna build a framework,
    We didn’t like the others, so we’ll write another

    SiteCore, Tapestry, Maverick and JSP,
    Barracuda, Ay Caramba, Groovy on Grails,
    Intercal on Interstate, Cascade, NHibernate,
    J D B C, Ruby on Rails
    Jasmine, Doctrine, Java Forms Engine,
    Active Record, D3, Dapper and Velocity,
    Thymeleaf, TopLink, Pyramid, Rethync,
    Aura, Rico, Midori and Mojito,

    Sitemesh, Cymbeline, Enterprise, Java Beans,
    Hug, Grok, Boost, Click, anything by Telerik,
    Rango, Dojo, LLBL Gen Pro
    Carbonado, Seaside, Pylons and Pyroxide

    Fusebox, Flight, Flex, ServiceStack, Silex
    Carbon, Cocoa, Ample and Giotto,
    Banshee, Symfony, Laravel, Fat-Free,
    Mocha, Pecker, Hobo, Cuba and Rialto

    OpenRasta, Nancy, ASP net MVC,
    Kendo, Zend, ODBC and Tempo,
    Java Server Faces, Entity Spaces
    Cappuccino, SpecFlow, Polymer, JDO,
    Google Web Toolkit, no need to learn Javascript,
    JDK, code away, what else do I have to say?

    Prototype, Boilerplate, jQuery, animate,
    Mustache, Tempo, Ionic and Allegro,
    Bootstrap, Backbone, running on an iPhone,
    Mobile apps, going live, built in HTML5
    Angular, Scriptaculous, react, redux,
    Knockout, ember, does anyone remember,
    It’s just like in the browser wars, IExplore and Netscape 4,
    Lodash vs Underscore, and I can’t take it any more Show less
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      Music "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel © 1989 Columbia Records.

      Clickable lyrics (yes, they're all actual real frameworks) :

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