• Relax Relate Repent

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    Relax Relate Repent
    Artist: Dutty Devioso
    Produced by The Cratez
    Mixed by Judah Winnet
    Mastered by Shordeli

    Groove Control Entertainment

    ****Relax, Relate, Repent****

    1---Father God, could you please forgive...?,,,
    2---I'm gon' humble myself like I need to did.
    3---I ain't worthy, but I'm trying, I just need you here,,,
    4---in my life right now, so receive this prayer.
    5---Lord, I'm sick & tired of the same ole sick & tired,,,
    6---I try to change but my game needs to get revised.
    7---and I ain't been to church in a gang of time,,,
    8---it's been bout twice as long as I payed my tithes.
    9---I been in & out of jail since the age of 15,,,
    10---I done washed my hands but they don't never get clean.
    11---I was bred by the streets, the drama made me,,,
    12---momma's baby, now it's like the trying to break me.
    13---don't forsake me Lord, I can hardly take it,,,
    14---get this monkey off my back b/c it's hard to shake it.
    15---I need to get my soul cleansed , like a christening,,,
    16---I repent, please Lord if ya listening...

    1---God please, I'm down on my knees,,,
    2---I repent for my sins & the love of the cheese.
    3---god please, I'm down on my knees,,,
    4---wondering if there's a heaven for gs.

    1---I have these dreams where my vision's kinda cloudy,,,
    2---I need a queen, but these pigeons' all around me.
    3---I'm just trying to do the right thing, that's why I be,,,
    4---I be on the tracks while my rounds pulling robberys.
    5---I paid dues, got nothing to prove,,,
    6---I done seen my fair share of suffering dude.
    7-- I ain't got nobody, even momma don't like me,,,
    8---she say I'm Dutty, not clean like a white tee.
    9---un desmadre, seems that's how life be,,,
    10---she treats me like a fiend, fucking with my psyche.
    11---I'm sorry lord but I had to cuss,
    12---Treat me like pilot did Jesus of nazareth
    13---and it seems I can't trust, nan but myself,,,
    14---and you, but sometimes cant even trust myself.
    15---I'm trying to kick it to you lord please listen at me,,,
    16---I'm getting scared b/c ya boy's getting trigger happy.

    1---I done seen &'did a whole lot of silly,,,
    2---things in my life mane, I'm a real G.
    3---it s only gonna make me strong, it won't kill me,,,
    4---it's only gonna make me prone to get filthy.
    5---struggled like runner, with his neck in the noose,,,
    6---johnny law plays it raw & I neglected the truth.
    7---I'm just trying to take a second to reflect on my youth,,,
    8---when they had me on bucket naked,-and begging begging for food.
    9---can you tell me how to act when they're smother you,
    10---your brethren too, you can't even get no job.
    11---in debt up to your neck how'd it get so hard?
    12---but this ole boy, got 1 too many pistol charges.
    13---they judge had to ask, how'd he get so heartless?
    14---I'm a product of the game, wicked, it throws crosses.
    15---could you tell me how to act when they're pressuring you?,,,
    16---they're hypocrites but they're lecturing YOU!!! You gotta feel me?! Show less
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