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    • Are you depressed? - The depression test - Duration: 60 seconds.

      • 6 months ago
      Several tools have been studied to see which one is the best for screening for depression.
      The most accurate tool is called the "two-question depression screening tool".
      all you have to do is ans...
    • Poo As Medicine?! - Fecal Microbiota Transplantation - Duration: 4 minutes, 25 seconds.

      • 8 months ago
      Believe it or not, poo is being used as medicine!
      It's called Fecal Microbiota Transplantation, (also known as Stool Transplant or Poo Transplant!)
      It has good evidence to work for 2 diseases and ...
    • How to quit smoking according to science - Duration: 2 minutes, 29 seconds.

      • 9 months ago
      Mark Twain said: “quitting smoking is easy…I’ve done it hundreds of times”

      Quitting smoking is really hard! Those who are really motivated only have about a 10% of quitting successfully after 1 at...
    • The Truth About Cholesterol - Does It Cause Heart Disease? - Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes.

      • 9 months ago
      This episode takes a deep dive into the evidence for and against what is called the "lipid hypothesis". The lipid hypothesis states that abnormal blood cholesterol levels cause cardiovascular disea...
    • Does Gun Control Save Lives - What's the Evidence? - Duration: 4 minutes, 2 seconds.

      • 10 months ago
      Do stricter gun control laws save lives?

      By Dr. Daniel Aronov

      There are 30,000 gun deaths every year in America. Around 100 are due to accidents (like kids finding the family gun). Less 100 are d...
    • Best way to quit an addiction - Duration: 94 seconds.

      • 10 months ago
      Whats the best way to quit an addiction?

      Let’s take smoking for example - are you more likely to quit successfully if you stop it suddenly (cold turkey)? or is it better to stop gradually?

      A stu...
    • What is a heart attack? How can you prevent them? - Duration: 116 seconds.

      • 11 months ago
      A heart attack happens when there is reduced blood flow to the heart, usually because of a blockage in one of the arteries that supply the heart.

      It’s important because the longer this blockage r...
    • Don't trust vitamins and herbal supplements! - Duration: 90 seconds.

      • 11 months ago

      Here's why you probably shouldn't trust vitamins and herbal supplements:
      A group of researchers went into a whole heap of pharmacies and got every possible echinacea supplement they could get the...
    • What's the best way to clean a wound? - Duration: 59 seconds.

      • 11 months ago
      Say you cut yourself while chopping vegetables, or your child falls and grazes their knee. What is the best way to wash the wound? Is it wiith antisceptic? With salt water? with steralised or boile...
    • Does using a phone in bed ruin your sleep? - Duration: 58 seconds.

      • 11 months ago
      If you use a smart phone or tablets at bed time, does it ruin your sleep?

      There have been 20 studies that have looked at this specifically in kids and teenagers. The results have been analysed tog...
    • Gratitude Diary - Quick Trick to Make You Happier - Duration: 66 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Being grateful has a whole heap of positive effects on your health.
      This has been shown in several studies which have found it makes people happier, It improves emotional wellbeing, makes relation...
    • The most effective way to improve sleep ever studied! - Duration: 2 minutes, 24 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      There’s a relatively new treatment for insomnia that has been booming as a treatment for insomnia. It's the most effective technique to improve sleep that has ever been studied! It doesn’t require ...
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