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    I have a question
    it might seem strange
    how are your lungs
    are they in pain

    cause mine are aching
    think I know why
    I kinda like it
    you wanna try?

    oh would you be
    so kind
    as to fall in love with me, you see
    I’m trying
    I know you know that I like you
    but that’s not enough
    so if you will
    please fall in love
    I think it’s only fair
    there’s gotta be some butterflies somwhere (wanna share)
    cause I like you
    but that’s not enough
    so if you will
    please fall in love with me

    I’ll write a story
    be in my book
    you got to join me on my page
    at least take a look

    oh, where are your manners?
    you need some time?
    let’s swap chests today
    that might help you decide

    Oh do me a favour
    Can your heart rate rise a little

    it's funny cause I wrote it when I thought I was falling in love collaboratively and turns out NOPE so it genuinely is a song being like
    plz tho
    it wasn't actually meant to be me ASKING goSH
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