• Myths about Coronavirus

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    Debunking the myths about Coronavirus.

    Coronavirus is threatening the world with its dangerous and viral spell. It has affected many people and damaged people in various ways. But, this virus is being presented, not the way it actually is.
    Yes, there is a possibility of you believing in “myths” about coronavirus that you heard! Let’s have a look at the famous coronavirus myths and discover the reality behind these myths.
    Number 1: Getting coronavirus means immediate death
    Number 2: Coronavirus is the worst virus ever
    Number 3: Wearing a mask can protect from coronavirus
    Number 4: Coronavirus originated from a bat and snake soup
    Number 5: A package shipped from china is infected with coronavirus
    Number 6: Closing borders can stop coronavirus from spreading
    Number 7: Only Chinese people have coronavirus
    Number 8: The virus only affects older people
    Number 9: The coronavirus is somewhat related to corona beer
    Number 10: My pet could give me a virus
    Number 11: Some power created corona and spread it deliberately
    Number 12: Antibiotics can treat this virus
    Number 13: If you get pneumonia vaccines, you’ll stay safe from coronavirus
    Number 14: Coronavirus and SARS are the same
    Number 15: Coronavirus is equivalent to a sessional winter flu
    Number 16: You will be infected with coronavirus if you stay with an infected person for 10 minutes
    Number 17: Coronavirus is not curable
    Number 18: We all will die in case of a pandemic
    Number 19: Garlic and ginger can prevent you from coronavirus

    Number 20: Red marine algae is sufficient for coronavirus

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