• "Relationship Status: Online" (Short Film)

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    Where do we draw the line between personal and public. Which relationship has more life in it - the one in person, or the one online?

    Sure, its a wonderful thing being able to post up the beauty and joy of a relationship. But one too many times I’ve seen couples who don’t look as nearly loving as their posts online portray them to be.

    Always build the relationship in front of you people. Then everything else will follow.


    “The Unplugged Project” explores 4 different, unique stories for each episode but having a synonymous theme of the need to use technology wisely and be unplugged every once in a while.

    “The Unplugged Project” is an original collaboration between TheMingThing and Digi. 100% created and produced by TheMingThing - it is a new take on the web series format with our friends at Digi supporting the good message it conveys. They believe that instead of being antisocial with technology, nobody should be alone when we can be together. #Inspire2Connect

    A special shout out to Digi to be the first ever team to be a part of something we're doing and supporting it so tremendously!


    Emily Chan (https://instagram.com/emily...)
    Ming H. (https://instagram.com/dming...)

    Soundtrack: Daniel Veerapen (https://www.youtube.com/Dan...)
    Colorist: Setyo (Visual Fidelity) (http://www.visualfidelity.c...)
    IDC (Ice Dreams Cafe) (https://www.facebook.com/idckl)
    The Curious Goat (https://www.facebook.com/th...)


    Hope you’ve enjoyed the video guys! :) Remember to give it a thumbs up & SHARE it on your Facebooks and Twitters with your friends!


    Bryan: http://instagram.com/bryanlyt
    Raffi: http://instagram.com/raffithng
    Ming Y: http://instagram.com/mingasaur
    Ming H: http://instagram.com/dmingt...
    Natalie: http://instagram.com/thenat...


    2ND CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/helloTMT
    FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/dmingthing
    INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/themin...
    WEBSITE: http://thecorestudios.com

    For work & project inquiries, EMAIL: contact@thecorestudios.com


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