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    --I am using non official hardware with rekordbox so performance could be better with pioneer sound cards and control vinyl
    --other integrated sound card mixers do work like 62 and the z2
    ----cdj850k HID sucks but from what i hear 2000NXS2 is better



    lots of hardware that is plug and play cheap and high end
    found in about 50% of clubs n venues
    legacy product with lots of history
    used to be stable
    library organization and program is easy to use, minimal, intuitive
    usually good support for devices that are current with the software
    HID mode for CDJ’s and other popular club standard gear
    no need to pay for software with devices that are plug and play
    Friendly with ableton, lots of DJ’S will agree SSL was better and still use it
    most gear is directed at battle DJ’s/ working DJ’s

    MIDI mapping is very easy for basic commands but very difficult for lights
    (requires custom xml editing-technically not possible) geared towards plug and play
    sound cards and jog wheels are locked to official devices now with more upgrades available (by paying more for club kit, DVS kit, suite etc)
    many problems with incompatibility even with their own rane hardware, updates with apple are slow and will prevent you from updating your laptop when you need to… lots of bugs when playing with particular high end sound cards and mixers


    best for custom mapping midi controllers that are third party, including complicated modifiers, LED out, midi clocks,
    best utility setup for multiple custom setups including broadcasting, internal/external mixing
    Sound cards and jog wheels are not locked, you can use and sound card you want
    EXCEPT FOR DVS…. (you need NI approved hardware to use DVS)
    software cost money no matter what but most people pirate it.
    saving settings and libraries is easy but can be confusing for a beginner
    gear is directed for electronic music as it is more a sync environment with remix decks
    and most gear is lacking in the jog wheels but has more controllerism involved, good platform for semi-live performances (ableton would be better suited for full live)
    Native instruments official hardware is high quality

    DVS locked to specific NI sound cards and mixers
    music management is poor and lacks many features like color coding, renaming loops and cues
    not really stable due to common mistakes people make when handling metadata and program files
    lacks side by side waveform display for beat matching traditionally, (relies on sync)
    official vinyl is limited, serato vinyl will not work


    quickly evolving!
    already copied serato simple flat minimal layout making it very user friendly
    waveforms are way better than serato and traktor
    almost like a hybrid of serato and traktor stealing the best features of both
    traktor like midi mapping EXCEPT jogs are locked to official gear (unless you hack it)
    library management has everything serato offers and more including compatibility with CDJ and other club standard gear which means ONE library should handle everything from DVS, to club CDJ’s to any midi controller, you can literally play on almost any setup
    comes free with bundle mixers of other official gear, or can be purchased and be open software with UNLOCKED DVS meaning you can use literally any sound card
    has a huge sampler similar to remix decks, has open slicer unlike serato, has color renewable cues and loops, way more intuitive library, better analyzing and beat griding, although it does take more time, literally every function synthesized from other softwares


    keyboard layouts are same in traktor, serato, rekordbox making it intuitive

    DVS is similar in all 3 rekordbox winning with the open soundcard

    all softwares have samplers, effects, midi mapping, traktor wins with open jog wheels

    all softwares are plug and play with official hardware RANE / PIONEER / NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

    library metadata between all softwares NOT COMPATIBLE, which makes it a pain to have to use rekord buddy and SSL importer to convert files and then still lose data, so ONE library for all setups is KEY! maybe one day universal ID3 format? Show less
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