• Best Oled TVs 2018

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    Links to the Best OLED TV's listed in the video
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    1. LG E7 OLED TV - https://amzn.to/2jj7QVL
    2. SONY A1 - https://amzn.to/2I4eJIa
    3. LG C7 OLED TV - https://amzn.to/2r7nkQG
    1. LG E7 OLED TV - https://amzn.to/2jemGN1
    2. SONY A1 - https://amzn.to/2HyGj0U
    3. LG C7 OLED TV - https://amzn.to/2r8oNp6

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    1. LG OLED E7 series

    LG’s customary OLED picture prowess married to a stunning pixels-on-glass design and powerful built-in soundbar

    The first thing to say about the OLEDE7 series is that it delivers essentially the same (outstanding) picture quality as LG’s OLED C7s. It’s also got the same excellent webOS smart TV interface.

    Sound, meanwhile, is handled by an integrated soundbar that hangs off the screen’s bottom edge. This has far more power, bass and dynamism than the OLEDC7s can muster. In fact, it’s one of the best sounding TVs around right now.

    Despite this, the E7s don’t really live up to their claims of delivering Dolby Atmos sound (aside from giving an unusual sense of height to the soundstage). You also have to be very careful how you set its pictures up; colours can occasionally look a little noisy; and dark scenes occasionally exhibit some black level banding. None of which prevents the OLEDE7 series from being stunning additions to any home entertainment set up.

    2. Sony A1E series

    Sony’s debut big-screen OLED TVs answer the prayers of many AV fans by allying the film-friendly joys of OLED screen technology with Sony’s peerless video processing know-how.

    Sony’s X1 Extreme chipset delivers levels of noise-free purity and colour refinement not found elsewhere in the OLED world, while extra calibration work on Sony’s OLED production line means they suffer less than many rivals with light level banding in dark scenes.

    The A1 series additionally stands apart from its peers with its unique ‘picture only’ design, which finds a nearly frame-free screen resting on a photo frame-style angled support leg. There aren’t even any visible speakers, since remarkably the A1 uses its own screen to produce its (very good) sound!

    3. LG OLED C7 series

    The OLEDC7 series tops this list for two key reasons. First, it opened up the OLED market to a whole new audience by becoming - alongside its similar OLEDB7 siblings - the cheapest OLED TVs to date.

    Second, as with all of LG’s current OLED TVs, it delivers slightly punchier, brighter pictures than other OLED brands. This means that it ‘sells’ the charms of high dynamic range images (with their hugely expanded brightness ranges and, usually, accompanying wider colour spectrums) more effectively. All of LG’s OLED TVs support the premium Dolby Vision HDR format.

    Pictures can exhibit a little colour noise when running at the most satisfying brightness levels, and there seems to be some inconsistency between sets when it comes to how much they occasionally reveal ‘bands’ of different black level during dark scenes. For the vast majority of the time, though, you’ll find yourself wondering how the cheapest OLED TV in town could possibly look so good.

    4. Bang & Olufsen Eclipse

    As usual with Bang & Olufsen, the Eclipse isn’t exactly your typical OLED screen. In fact, its screen is really just one ‘small’ component of its overall design rather than being pretty much the whole deal. This is because the screen slots into the top of a huge built in speaker bar that extends out beyond the edges of the screen above it, while the speaker bar in turn sits on top of a gorgeous sliver of glass below it. And all of that sits on a range of different stand options, including my personal favourite, a motorised rotating floor mount that can both move the whole screen forward and backwards, or rotate it left and right. The entire towering construction is beautifully built.

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